Monday, May 2, 2011

The Dream is soooo close...

"The technology available for film-making now is incredible, but I am a big believer that it's all in the story."
- Robert Redford.

I can touch it!

And I was compelled to write this blog today because I am feeling the work ethic kick(start) back in!

I am feeling motivated!!! And excited to work!!!

So... on this note, I am keeping this short -- but I just wanted to say that I was inspired by a New Yorker whose dedication to putting up a great play in Manhattan has inspired me to produce a play and a short film this year... and maybe more!

I am sending you all love! And I just wanted to let you all know that last year was not for naught -- I am producing and starring in my first feature! And I am back on the market again as a best-selling author -- because the distributor lost the money for our book series -- but not to worry, every day, I am working towards my goal of getting my second book deal this year!!!

Let us make this happen together.

I am in NJ/NYC and the DREAM IS ALIVE.

I send you all love... Always!

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