Saturday, September 4, 2010


"I deepen my experience of God through prayer, meditation, and forgiveness." Marianne Williamson 

my little blades, i hope this finds you all well. i have taken a few days off as i have been thinking. thinking about moving. thinking about what fills my soul. thinking about the changes erupting inside of me. 

i have been feeling many things. and the strongest feeling is that of needing to feed my soul. of change. of needing more, to be more, do more, transform.

of "sucking the marrow" out of life.

ch ch ch changes.

and where do i go to make these changes? what are the signs? what shall i do next?

i do not yet know. though i am thinking of something big.

i am thinking that there awaits me transformation.

i am thinking and then, i am not thinking. i am meditating, praying, walking.

i am talking to friends like my friend chris who also feels the need to feed his soul.

we walked together tonight discussing such things.

i am on the verge.

mujeres al borde de un attaque de nervios.

just kidding, my little blades. hehe.

but honestly, i am on the tip of something and it requires courage. and change. and leaving my comfort zone. and work, hard work -- disciplined work.

and i must begin.

tomorrow i shall map a plan and monday is a day of action. phone and email and flight. action.

i am excited. and nervous a little. and knowing in my gut that the time has come. 

big changes, my little blades.

the time has come. and this little beast is spreading her wings and the time is coming when i shall fly...

i shall keep you updated. 

sometimes -- in fact often times, we must leave our comfort zones in order to grow, and glow and make our indentation on this beloved world.

i want streetcar.


barbaric yawp.

and where shall i find it?

we shall see...


I send you all Love... Always.

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