Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Brando... Wow.

my little blades, i am watching this movie tomorrow, to remember, to watch, to breathe in why i became an actress in the first place. the blood, the passion, the craving, the hunger of the craft. of being more alive in one moment than most people experience in a lifetime.

of wanting something, being someone, filling out another person's soul with yours, transcending space and time, your body shaking because you have left it almost -- like you have become another, and as i've been missing NYC... i send a shout out to my followers on the east coast, to the friends who are reading and sitting in brooklyn, manhattan, even nj...

to those of you who are studying, reading, watching theatre, learning your lines, joining a great class, who are pouring over the books of the greats, who are inspired to stay up late and wake early because you have fallen utterly and eternally in love with this craft, your destiny has been laid out before you and now you are devouring the day just to get there, to make space disappear, to end time limits and to soak into the bright lights on the stage, to experience your first close up on camera, to feel a connection with your co-star that goes beyond words, to fill into your costume and be born anew...

tonight i had a yummy lebanese dinner with my friend kamran and his updates were so glorious and his appreciation of me so heartbreaking that i am remembering things, my little blades, remembering the student in me, the hungry, driven girl whose food was her class, whose classmates her companions on the most thrilling ride of life -- becoming what you were always meant to be.

so... tonight, my little blades, i celebrate marlon brando. whose passion was seamless, whose beauty and natural talent were unmistakable and whose New York training, whose truth as an actor elevated the craft.

he once said, and i've actually quotes this before on my blog, so forgive me:

An actor is at most a poet and at least an entertainer.
Marlon Brando 

here's to the poet in all of us -- in the stay at home mom, in the fashion designer, in the writer, in the voice over editor, in the philosopher, in the kabbalist, the christian, the jew, the hindi, the atheist, in the straight and the gay, in the friend and the stranger, in our dog and our cat, in our moms and our fathers, in our old friends and our new, let us be the poets we were always meant to be.

and live.

out loud.

sounding our barbaric yawps.

moonwalking across the stage of our lives.

becoming what we dreamt of being when we were so young.

let us pull on our boots and march through the trenches of our souls to arrive at the heaven of our dreams.

i send you all Love... Always...

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