Monday, August 2, 2010

Kirsten's Vision Board.

"I found my old vision board recently and I suddenly realized -- I've gotten everything I wanted. The universe hears us."
- Kirsten Hill.

She is right, my little blades... I have recently discovered the same thing. The universe hears us.

I wanted an awesome dog: Gatsby.
I wanted to live in a castle: 8 years now.
I wanted a theatre company/community in LA: Little Bird/Little Beast.
I wanted a movie for me: Happy Birthday/I'm Dead.
I wanted to be with WME again: I am with Arete & Lisa Reider.
I wanted a great commercial agent: I have one.
I wanted to re-connect with friends from childhood: I am, I wonderfully am.
I wanted to sell my kid's books: I have a 5 book deal.

And now... 
I want to work with a great manager: We are meeting next Wednesday at 11am!
I want to meet a great man: If you build it, they will come. And they are... :)
I want to sell my car and buy a BMW or Volvo or Subaru: My neighbor Nik and friend Tom are helping me do just this.
I want to be on the NBC show: I am doing my research so I am prepared.
I want to sell my memoir: I am getting great feedback and I continue to send it out.

And even little things:

Like -- I needed to be inspired and my friend Jeff asked me to help him prep for a play in NYC. Fun!
I have been craving The Getty and thinking with whom will I go? My friend from Anne Frank facebooks me to tell me she and her family are going. And I am joining!
I want to be close with my sister and her family and I have an opportunity to do it now.

So... you see, my little blades? We get what we want. We just have to know what it is we want.

Movie star.
Best-selling author.
Family woman.

What are your dreams, my little blades? I am making my vision board this week... SO excited!!! Why don't you all make one too? You can share yours with me and each other... :)

And for tonight, I say - make your dreams your vision boards and see what the stars tell you...

Love... Always...


  1. Those who want the fewest things are nearest to the gods." ~ Socrates

    "I threw my cup away when I saw a child drinking from his hands at the trough." ~ Diogenes

    May you have everything you've never asked for, dear one.

    I'll swing by in a few wks...

  2. Perfectly put, E... Thank you for your wisdom & care. I too wish for what ice never wished for - therein lies the magic of life.

  3. Add this (my dream-castle) to the "vision board".


    Bugle's ablowin', off I go...