Sunday, August 22, 2010

Einstein's miracle.

"There are two ways to live your life. One as if nothing is a miracle. The other as if everything is a miracle." 
-Albert Einstein

My little birds, short one tonight... as i am a sleeep blogger -- perhaps tomorrow i shall write earlier :)

but alas, i have sooo been feeling lately that miraclea are abounding:

i'll be reading a tweet from my friend lucy and thinking i need to text her as her text pops up.

i'll walk into coffee bean with no money in my purse -- change of purse -- and a friend who never goes there happens to be there and he buys me a tea.

i am referred to an agent and i leave him a voicemail less than an hour before i go to a party where i learn that the friend with whom i begin to engage in the juiciest of conversations with is repped by him.

i wanted to wear dangly bracelets today and i couldn't find mine, so i go to my friend's house as planned and she has three beautiful dangly bracelets waiting for me since my birthday in march.

i just got copy from one of my agents for disney playhouse which i almost booked two years ago -- and i was saying how stoked i was for a promo gig and then it lands in my email for monday morning.

i was missing my girls nights out here as two of my closest girlfriends are gone for the summer and then my friend caroline calls me and tomorrow, we are heading for the beach.

and i know, i just know -- that if this kind of magic, if these miracles, little miracles, are abounding in my life throughout the day, then they are of course happening in my career and in my love life too...

and all i have to do, is be aware, open up to it all, breathe and embrace...

all is happening... miracles are abounding...

and i MUST find work that fulfills my soul. this is my quest for the rest of the year. and i begin tomorrow. which is today. hehe.

and, my little blades, think of all of the miracles abounding in your lives, because the more you embrace them, and appreciate them, the more they come, and the more joyous and plentiful our lives all are...

and on this note, i send you all Love... Always...

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