Friday, August 27, 2010

Barnard Grad Dreams Big.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead 

welp, my little blades... i attended a columbia university alumni event tonight downtown and some of the conversations stirred me.

it was refreshing to be around this diverse group of people with intelligent stories and ideas... Under the stars, sipping on wine and munching on pizza...

today was a day of a lot of magic for me, my little blades. i was feeling :( and my friend amy called and was soooo loving and thoughtful and told me that she is here for me when i am down or when i am tired or fighting and when i put down the sword, she is here to lift me up. she moved me to tears. because it was so unexpected.

i thought she was going to mention her company and excitement about my possibly being a part of it, but she was thinking of me and my dreams and how long she's believed in them, in me, and how she's spoken to her best friend and her husband about it, and how she believes in me and is here for me. and not to give up. ever. how cloooooossssseeee i am. and she said she could've cried talking to me. and then i started to and she did a little too.

and before that my friend johnny called and told me he'd love for me to take a special workshop with an amazing acting group he's assembling and he'd be honored for me to belong. and he called me one of the best actors he's ever known.

and then, in the afternoon, i got a package. from wme. and i could not even imagine what it was. and as i tore it open, i realized it was episode 10 of true blood on DVD that my agent's assistant had delivered for me. and when he's called earlier to confirm my address, he'd said it was for his files and i hadn't a clue.

and a friend dropped by in the middle of the day to tell me something important -- that she'd been hurt by somethings and she needed to tell me.

and all of these things, they MADE my day. i grew today, my little blades.

i needed a push, to be loved, i needed to put down my sword just as amy had picked hers up. it was as if i unknowingly passed it onto her and she loved me. and we cried. and it was beautiful.

and i'd been craaaaaving theatre and community again, i'd been missing little bird and johnny called.

and i'd been missing true blood and loving WME and they reminded me of why. what a simple gift that meant so much.

and i wanted today to work on: balance and boundaries and keeping my word. and today my friend dropped by to talk about those exact things.

and then, i topped it all off with a lovely columbia event -- the first i've been to.

ahhhh, life.

did i mention that gatsby pooped on my rug?

well, you can't have everything.


and my 5 things?

today, i took a break. tomorrow i resume -- tomorrow? fifteen things!

1. email agent referral
2. email another agent referral.
3. call agent referral.
4. email nyc lit agent and see about meeting up when i am in nyc.
5. call alec's asst about my nyc trip to confirm the days to go to set.
6. find barnard alumna in children's publishing for SNIFF.
7. DM ami directeur.
8. research & email producer from yesterday.
9. email manager assistant my pic/res and link to SNL Test.
10. Get to Morgan or a CSA demain -- follow up on mailing to CSA Columbia. 
11. WME audition.
12. call 3 clients for copy of my VO spots for my reel.
13. edit my movie -- get out script and edit 5 pgs.
14. prep short film talk for sunday.
15. wild card!

good day!!!

what are your plans, my little blades?

Love to all my little blades, near and far, always!!!

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  1. p.s. this quote is dedicated to my beloved friends in Kabbalah class -- to each one of you, together we are going to change the world. daily actions & thoughtful, committed souls are what the world so desperately needs...