Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nietzche, Gatsby & Me.

"All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking." 

so lately my little blades, i have been walking gatsby a lot. and we're always quiet on our walks... mercifully, no cell phones, thus no texting and no talking. just me and gats. and nietzche, i suppose!

i have to say -- i utterly agree with him. such inspired thoughts swirl through my mind when we are walking in hancock park, across the expansive lawns, beneath the magnolia trees that smell of fresh lemonade, passing the occasional dog walker on the opposite side of the street...

and i think of songs i want to compile for my sister on the cd i will make for her. i think of the letter i am writing her. the phone call i have to return to a certain someone. a thank you card and flowers to my family. i remember that chair i have to return to niky.

all of these thoughts fall from the sky and into my mind because i am quiet. we are quiet.

it's almost like a spiritual thing. the walks. 

my dad's dad -- my grandfather. zoiks! had a book he treasured when they were encamped during world war two called, "the significance of silence." it was written by a british minister and it embodied what i am writing of tonight. the importance of being quiet.

and we are living, my little blades, in distracted times. everyone seems to be holding onto their cell phones as if that text or email or phone call is the cure for some rare african disease. i too am guilty at time. i too reach for the phone and press "refresh" like -- okay, i am sure someone, anyone, must've emailed me in the last ten minutes. 

and so, it is these times of walking that quiet me. my soul. where i unplug. and i wander around these treesy, shaded streets with these sweepingly beautiful homes, with my sweepingly beautiful dog (hehe) and i am suddenly more thoughtful. i am suddenly reminded, grounded, caught remembering the important things. like reaching out. following up. being in love. keeping a promise.


so, see, even this little beast needs to unplug. to be quiet. to listen to the sounds around us all. within us all.

and lately, i am seeing the signs of quieting, of reading again, of studying, and praying/meditating, and of being grateful, knowing things happen for a reason -- even if this "reason" seems unfair or heartbreaking even -- there is a reason. and once i remember this, my certainty, the light comes back on and we are walking down a lovely street. and i am singing even. and the world, the wild and whirling world is perfect.

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