Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Muhammad's Fight.

"The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights."
Muhammad Ali 

i feel this way, my little blades... like there is sooo much preparation that goes into the game -- the success -- that is unheard, that is not sexy necessarily, not known, but yet -- it is there, it is done on a daily basis to prep us for the actual show.

there are phone calls, texts, meetings, mailings, headshots, resumes, conversations, there is wonder... meditation, there are classes, meetings, rehearsals, and all for those few minutes of spotlight, of shining light, of work.

and the thing is, when i looked for the quote tonight -- i was looking for a quote on fighting because i am considering fighting for someone. for someone i believe could be great for me, for someone i would love to work with. and i have not done this before, fought for someone, contemplated a phone call to tell them how i feel, i have never done that, i have not wanted to work with someone like this before though, i have not felt this appreciated before -- not in years actually, and so, tonight, i will think on this, actually i will dream and let it go, but i will ask the universe before i sleep about this... sometimes in life, it is indeed a good thing to fight. to stand up for what we believe to be true. to not take no for an answer. to work even harder to make something happen. to push. and to sound our barbaric yawps, and sometimes, it is best to let it all go...

i think tonight i shall see... but lately, i have been thinking -- what do i fight for? how do i fight for something i want? do i really really express what i want openly to the person him or herself? do i go for it? do i take risks? enough? 

and because i have been meditating again -- i have been listening more, and walking with nones has brought more quietude on, and i am listening and we shall see...

but sometimes in life, people are worth a fight, an idea, some preparation going into the relationship, sometimes going out of our way to make something happen, to make it work.

and sometimes, it is best to breathe and walk away with grace...

and the key is listening to ourselves to see what our gut is saying.

and tonight, and every night, i shall do my best to listen... to the god inside of me.

and all of you little blades, you do it too... listen to your gut. and if you feel it is worth it, fight. greatness comes from not giving up -- and sometimes we must fight for what we believe in. we must pick and choose when to fight and when to lay down the sword. in life, we must decide who is worth the fight... and sometimes love deserves a strong fight. and on this note...

i send you all love... always...


  1. E, I believe with every molecule in my body that I am one of the greatest actors and writers of my generation.

    This manager also came to me -- my friend told her about me, showed her my work and she wanted to meet with me.

    Still -- we still sometimes have to fight for things in life.


  2. It has nothing to do with fame, my friend -- I am ready to share my gifts with the world...

    Ready to work and play like never before!

  3. this is really, really good. inspiring. -caroline white