Friday, November 19, 2010

Our gift.

"Your garbage is your gift. If you learn to harness it."

And the next quote is also mine... :) 
The beauty of growing up is learning to trust your gut, following your own star and having utter faith in your golden path.

my little blades, i have promised to blog tonight, but alas, i see that since my roommate is sleeping and gatsby needs a peepee and i am off to bed soon, i will have to keep this short :(

i will indeed write more tomorrow, but please know my little beasts that i have a big surprise coming up -- including a christmas party on sunday, december 12th and i have an event with an amaaaazing theatre company that i am co-hosting and i also am looking for a writer to co-write my movie with me.

and so, there are many glittering things cooking!

i love you all and i promise to write more tomorrow... but please know this much -- that your gift is your garbage, it is the same thing -- depending on how your harness it.

for example, my passion for life & ability to connect with people is my gift. but when i do no harness it, it can distract me and keep me unfocused and my ego will get in the way -- keeping me from success.

when i harness it, i am focused and full of bright energy that brings friends and boyfriends and love and money and health to me.

think of this, my little beasts. what is your gift? and what is your garbage? and think of how one brings you success and one brings you fear/doubt/chaos.

how can you harness it? to make it all positive and all a gift?

5 things today:
meeting with the great johnny clark of Vs. Theatre Company to discuss working together
repeating exercise with keith
repeating exercise with johnny
reaching out to writers about my movie
WME audition

And I have a great opportunity next week on Wednesday, wish me luck... :)
And also -- I have something coming up in NYC...
And I am disciplining myself more, paying off debt, working hard, paying rent early, taking care of my skin and hair and time to buy some new clothes for auditions and meetings!!!

Please do write me little beasts, and tell me what your gift/garbage is. And how you're harnessing it.

And to all of you, near and far, sleep with the angels...

Love.... Always.

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