Friday, November 5, 2010

Taking Responsibility Sets You Free!

"None of you are victims. You are here because you created this."
- Suze Orman.

Honestly my little blades, I am STOKED to be back!!! I have taken a reprieve and the time has come for me to return to you all. And thus, here I am. I am wizened and in an honest, warrior-like place. I am on a mission until the end of this year. And I shall take you all along with me...

But the truth is, I am sleeeeeeepy.... And thus, I leave you with this quote, which I heard from the lips of Suze Orman at The Women's Conference last week in Long Beach. 

When I walked in the door, she was saying these exact words and they were absolutely what I needed to hear!

I am empowered and super motivated and honest about where I am. In a place of hard work and of lots of love. I am strong and resilient and ready for the world.

I am putting one foot in front of the other, I do not feel entitled, I feel realistic -- meaning, as I see it -- this is my year! And I shall continue where I left off -- to create it as I dream it. And to being others along with me.

And so, on that note, I send you all love, my little blades...

May you all sleep with the angels tonight. And let this lovely little owl watch over you and guard you as you sleep.

There is -- clearly! -- more to come.

Love... Always!

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