Friday, February 26, 2010

25 Things about Eliza.

"I often think that a slightly exposed shoulder emerging from a long satin nightgown packs more sex than two naked bodies in bed." Bette Davis.

Okay, my little blades... this is perfect. While I am writing you -- I am watching "Overboard," which is the movie that Ashton said was most like mine. And so, I am sharing with you all the homework I have been working on to prepare myself for my movie. Thank you to Jon Sheinberg for compelling me to create specific homework for my character, Eliza. And I will continue to create weekly homework for myself to prepare for the fall... Yayayayayayay!!! 

Hope you all enjoy...

25 things about Eliza.

  1. I love a great Italian dinner with my best friends followed by a ton of wine and singing and dancing – like mangi and bevi
  2. I love Princeton where I am from – I love the brick homes and the lake near my house.
  3. I love rollerblading – secretly – it’s kind of goofy. But I love the air of central park breezing past my face.
  4. I also don’t know if I will ever fall in love as a woman. I feel in love as a girl – my senior year in high school. And I haven’t been loved like that again.
  5. I talk to my cat and I love her as I know I will love my children.
  6. I miss my childhood.
  7. I miss my dad.
  8. I miss swinging on the swing in my backyard. I miss singing songs from The Wizard of Oz.
  9. I love meeting strangers – or as someone once said to me, “To you there are no strangers. Only friends you haven’t met.”
  10.  I am a dreamer. I dream SO big, but rarely share them because I don’t want people to think I am conceited or something.
  11. I miss my best friends being there for ME. I miss being number one for them because I used to be their number 1. They would call me before anyone and always take my phone calls first. And I would sleep in the bed with them and their boyfriends would often have to sleep on the couch.
  12. I am scared of having babies. What if I love them so much I disappear.
  13. My favourite color is blue. Deep blue.
  14. I love London because I love the theater and the V and A museum and the accents, the floppy hair of the men.
  15. I heart Scooby doo.
  16. I miss sidling up to my father to watch Scooby doo on my parent’s bed after school at 3pm.
  17. I attended Wesleyan and I love MGMT.
  18. I love turntables and records. I love the crackle of the albums as the needle passes across their ridged surface.
  19. I do believe in prince charming.i mean, ever since I was little – I believed that there was the perfect man out there for me. And everyone says – this is why you are alone, Eliza. You dream too big. Be realistic. And that makes me want to cry.
  20. I love a pot of English breakfast tea with steamed milk.
  21. I love putting on accents. And pretending to be someone else.
  22. I sometimes get a stomachache when I have to deal with confrontation – like with my boss who is known as making everyone cry.
  23. I sometimes wish I could just go home again and not have to deal with the sting of loneliness. Just make it Christmas all year long. Toast and baths and lots of love, warm and surrounded by love that will never leave me.
  24. I am hopeful. Terribly hopeful.
  25. I love hummingbirds. My friends often tell me that I am the human version of the hummingbird. Delicate and beautiful and constantly moving and fluttering, never sticking in one place. Hard to pin down my beauty. Ethereal almost. But oh, to find the one who can give me a leaf where I can sit and be still.

Night, night my little blades... 


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