Monday, February 1, 2010

The Voicemail, The Producer, and the Photo shoot.

Quote of the day: "Over every blade of grass there is an Angel whispering, "Grow, grow..."
-Ancient Jewish Proverb.

1. I did it guys!!! I called THE DIRECTOR!!! I decided this morning that if he didn't answer, I was going to leave a message on his voicemail. I began the day at 8am volunteering with Latino children at a downtown elementary school for SFK. I walked into this classroom full of little strangers. And in less than an hour, I'd received hugs around my legs from all the kids in my group. Little Henry walked over to me and said, "Are you coming again next week?" I knew at that moment I was going to call the director.

Time is passing us by and since he is in pre-production already, a voicemail is the only way to ensure he will hear me, know what I'm dreaming about. Working with him. And I said it juuust like I wanted to -- I felt excited and honest and like that kid in high school. Because when I thought about what I wanted to say to him, it was just that. I wanted to tell him that I felt like that kid in high school. And he was the beloved drama teacher and I wanted to be cast in his play more than anything. It would make my senior year.

I told him that this year above all I want to work with someone extraordinary. And that I find him to be extraordinary. I also told him I dig his corduroys... I met him briefly once and he was sporting old school corduroys. In a sea of black suits, he felt like the truth. And that's someone I'd like to be friends with. The truth. Crossing fingers and anything crossable in my apartment... But honestly, it just feels good knowing I put myself out there. Knowing that today, I was heard. I was heard by THE SOURCE. On his cell phone. No assistant. No agent. No manager. No second assistant. HE HEARD ME. And maybe -- just maybe, that is enough.

Though I feel like this is only the beginning...

2. And onto the second update, I did indeed have a yummy lunch at Le Pain Quotidien at Santa Monica with the producer! His name is Albert Chen (That;s him in the upper left corner) and he is not only a Sociology Professor at Ventura College, but he is a theater producer as well. He came to our last Little Bird Show because Mandi Riggi, a super professional and assiduous director of ours, invited Teddy Zee -- who produced Will Smith's The Pursuit of Happyness. And Teddy brought Albert along.

He shared his story of a college scholarship for his violin talent, his start up company in the 90's, his triple degree of a bachelors, masters and Phd in 3 years!!! Guiness Book?!? And finally, how his mentor, David Wu, fell in love with theater. Together, they produce theater in museums. How RAD is that? I talked to him about Loose Ends, which I was cast in a few years ago in NYC by the playwright Michael Weller and the director Austin Pendleton who co-starred on Broadway with me. The only reason we never opened Off Broadway was the lack of investors. Perhaps Albert and David will be the answer! And all of this, because he came to our MIX TAPE One Act Festival with Teddy Zee... Whom he wants me to research. Because he wants me to meet Teddy's associate, Jamie, who is young like us, knows a ton of people in this town and has great taste. I am going to share my MOVIE with her perhaps next week for drinks. Let's see if we spark some excitement for shooting in NYC this fall...

3. Tomorrow I shoot new headshots (That photo at the top right of the page is my old one) downtown with Paul Smith at a loft on Main Street at 10:30am. Send me good vibes... ):):)

And I share this bit of news because for well over a year, I'd been hearing from casting directors (Libbie Goldstein who casts True Blood), dear friends who are casting directors ( Kim Miscia who cast me on Broadway and now casts Gossip Girl) and my commercial agent (Jamie Hernandez at Special Artists) "You need new head shots." And I kept thinking, it's expensive, it's so annoying -- I'd rather skin a gerbil (just kidding). I always found a reason not to do it. But this year is the year of DOING. WHAT IT TAKES. So, I'm actually relaxed and pretty happy about it. I am ready for my spirit to come through in my photos. To be caught at this moment in time with all this MAGIC stirring around inside of me. We shall see what transpires...

Oh also -- I did my homework. I asked the CELEBRITY FRIEND to endorse my book. And he is going to take a look at it in a few weeks after his schedule dies down. Yay! I also wrote down 25 things about ELIZA, my character in the movie -- like the producer Jon Sheinberg suggested. And it was not only super interesting to see what came out: I secretly like rollerskating! I found myself as Eliza saying that. But also deep and somewhat heartbreaking: I miss swinging in my backyard. I miss my father.

I am really, really excited to see what BEKAH thinks about it. It's helping me for sure. Deepening my connection to ELIZA. Preparing me for a year of being her. I'll be ready for my "star vehicle" by fall at this rate!


Many promising updates... And now, this senior's gotta get some sleeeeeep...

Alright my little blades of grass, sleep with the angels above you... And let's all continue to grow, grow..

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