Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Sniff," Ella and Gratitude for Valentine's Day...

Tonight my little blades, I have a headache that two Aleves are now conquering... Zoiks! After a lovely Valentine's Day with my cousin Trey and my beloved Gatsby -- Trey brought home Dan Tana's for dinner, Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked, he did my laundry for me, we walked to The Grove and he played with Gatsby! Amaaaazingly generous. From Mississippi. There's something about a Southern man -- and family to boot = crushing generosity.

Sooo lovely...So, tonight I leave you with a simple Valentine:

And to the left is Page 4 of SNIFF, which comes out in August!!! This picture of Horace, Maya, Ricky, and Li seems just right for Valentine's Day, considering this series of books is a work of LOVE. My illustrator Isabelle Decenciere, who now lives in Peru, we worked on this series together over 8 years ago -- when we were just kids!!! And now -- it is coming alive.

So, look at the picture and think of what seeds you are planting today that will bring forth a garden of stunningly colorful flowers in the years to come. And Ella will sing you all to sleep...

Love to all of you,
Kieren & Isabelle & Horace & Maya & Ricky & Li & Ella...

p.s. Today, for my 5 things:
1. Wrote letter thanking director I want to work with on my movie -- thanking him for being a big, generous fan of mine.
2. Wrote birthday card to actor friend whom I would love to produce/act in my movie.
3. Reading script of DIRECTOR whose movies I want to star in.
4.  blogging, which keeps me on the path :)
5. Asked talent manager to be friends on facebook -- making connections to begin representation with THE BEST. He accepted.

Gratitude goes a long way... Happy V Day my little blades...

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