Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"I'm a small town boy with a taste for infinity."
-Gary Moore.

I dated a boy, well at the time, I was a girl. We were college kids. And he used to tell me that I was like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. He said I would walk around town with big brown eyes, a stack of books in my arms, and dreams -- dreams bigger than my little town... 

A taste for infinity. Gary and I both share it. Do you, my little blades? Do you?

Something to think of tonight... What is your infinity?

My 5 things:
1. business email
2. business email
3. WME audition
4. Facebooked message to director
5. Worked on Rogue script/wild card -- meaning I may come up with something in the next 4 minutes! 

Welp, my little blades, this belle may watch a little True Blood and then, it's off to bed...

Let's all dream tonight about infinity... What is that for all of us, each of us? Let's dream of expansive hills we can tumble down eternally, of large swimming pools where we can play an endless game of Marco Polo, of a mansion a la Little Orphan Annie where the cabinets are simply bursting with candy and the smell of cinnamon toast swirls throughout the big beautiful rooms... And endless love, endless affection, endless back scratches, endless shnuggling, endless spooning and sleepovers... Mmmm... 

I send you all Love... Always...


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  3. PS~
    Such a shame that "home" is the most dangerous place for children -- not just in America, but pretty much the world.

    More kids are harmed by their parents than all "stranger danger(s)" combined -- the stats / numbers aren't even close.

    Also: The American Medical Association has determined "the media" (Hollywood) to be the #1 cause of childhood violent behavior. An exhaustive Stanford University study proved this to be true beyond a doubt.

    The Entertainment industry knows it to be a fact and continues to behave like tobacco companies re: their products' addiction / cancer rates.

    Read: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman's "On Combat" for the complete story.

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