Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Bliss.

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls." 
Joseph Campbell 

Tonight my little blades, I leave you with the words of the immortal, world's leading mythologist, Joseph Campbell. (He was a close friend of George Lucas' and also his book, The Hero's Journey, was Lucas's inspiration for the characters of Star Wars.) He taught at Sarah Lawrence and did some fascinating interviews with Bill Moyers you can buy on DVD. Well worth it.

Anyway, I thought of Joseph Campbell for two reasons: One: Because his former literary agent is reading my memoir. Two: Because this past weekend, I did just that. I followed my bliss.

Because I am seeing this more and more in my life. I actually believe I always have. When I follow my bliss, I am ecstatic. I have the best doggie, the most generous and loving friends, the warmest and most fascinating, affectionate family, two great new agents, a book deal, a spirituality I am falling deeper and deeper in love with, and then... more doors open.

And when I don't follow my bliss, and I question myself and do not listen to myself, none of these things occur.

And thus, tonight I share with you all that I am meeting with a manager next week and I am super excited. I shall follow my bliss.

And I LOVED being with my family in Solvang -- I followed my bliss all the way there.

And I WILL find a way to get to Europe in the next month to visit my sister and her family. Whatever it is, I will find a way.

I shall follow my bliss when I pop into my car and drive along the coast.

When I audition for voice overs and have a blast, free and relaxed and loving the sounds we all make when we connect.

When I write my movie, edit my movie.

When I talk about NBC.

When I have dinner with THE DIRECTOR.

When I fill up my bank account and pay off all of my debt. When I am flush and prosperous and sharing with all of my loved ones and all of the world.

When I fall in love.

Slowly. Like a woman, and not a girl.

I shall be...

Following my bliss.

And on this note, I send you all Love... Always.

p.s. I hope this finds all of you following your bliss... Whatever that may be. I hope this finds you all smiling this summer...

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