Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You've gotta see it to believe it.

"I used to drive by here and think, 'That must be the most beautiful swath of houses I've ever seen,' and now -- I live in the house across the street. Those houses will be my view every day of my life."
- Scott Mosenson.

Today I made a new friend. He is at client at WME for VO, just like me. And this morning waiting for our auditions, he told me where he had just moved, and I told him that Gatsby and I walk in that exact neighborhood every day. I told him I'd probably see him later on today. And I did.

Gats and I were roaming across the street from his house and when he walked out, I yelled out his name and before I knew it, we were inside the house, getting a royal tour.

This is one man who knows houses. And himself.

He told me a story about peacocks that will never leave. Peacocks and past lives.

And he told me that this was the view he'd always loved since he moved to Los Angeles in 1990. He'd drive or walk through the verdant and quiet neighborhood of Hancock Park and stop to look at this row of 3 houses. He'd say, "That's the most beautiful swath of houses I've ever seen." And now -- he and his wife and their 3 daughters are moving in.

Those 3 houses will be his view for as long as they live there. And from the looks of the fantastic amount of renovating -- which includes a building a pool in the backyard, I'd say that he will be looking across his lawn to his favorite view for many, many years to come.

I followed my bliss, my little blades, as I walked across the street from his house. I put myself where I want to be. Gatsby loves to suck sprinkler heads and roam freely across the capacious lawns. And I love to loosen his leash and watch him frolic. I also love to pick my favorite homes out and to smell the lavender roses as we stroll along, best friends, the Gats and me. 

And as I did what Joseph Campbell has advised, I got a call from WME that I've booked my 6th VO job in about 7 weeks and then after I left Scott's house, he got his first theatrical audition in "a million years."

We followed our bliss and instant karma. As John Lennon sang. Instant Karma.

My new friend has inspired me. I also fasted today (and most of yesterday by mistake!) for Kabbalah and I must say, that fasting cleared up my head and heart. I slowed down and listened more. I was less driven by reactivity and more inclined to sit back and listen. To my heartbeat and those around me.

And at 8:43pm tonight, pizza never tasted better.

I did my 5 things today, my little blades.

I hope you are all falling in love with your summers, crossing off your lists, and as Joseph Campbell also said:

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.

Let none of us forget this either. action and gratitude, ambition and quietude, expressing and listening, meditation and hard work.

And just remember -- you must see it to believe it. What is your favorite swath of homes, your favorite TV show, your favorite couple you'd love to emulate when you meet your future love, what is your favorite book, your favorite doggie, country, director, your dream of all royal blue dreams... See it. And it can be yours... And then, you can inspire others to do the same. That we may all be fulfilled and living out our dreams, just as Scott has inspired me. Let me pass it on to you all... I believe in my little blades...

And always, love, love, love.

I send each and every one of my little blades, Love... Always...


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  3. E, you CRACK ME UP!!! What would I do without your witticisms and bright bright intelligence???

    Thank you... :)

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