Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Significance of Silence.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace." 
-Jimi Hendrix

My little blades, please forgive me for not writing yesterday. I shall blog twice tomorrow... And as I have been thinking about out beloved Gulf and how quickly the world seems to be moving... I have also noticed how quickly I have been moving. 

And it is now my prayer to the world to slow down and breathe and meditate. Read. 

And look around me at what is happening. At what I most wish for and how our dreams are often born of silence. Of calm. Of quieting our minds.

And so... I am combining a blog of peace with a blog of peace. Because as Yehuda said two days ago: if we chance ourselves, we can change our world.

And so, in order to "give peace a chance," we first need to give peace a chance within ourselves.

Speak from our hearts and share with every molecule in our bodies.

And so... tonight, I speak from my heart. I am SO happy to tell you all that I have booked another spot with WME and my on-camera commercial this past week was my best one yet.

And alas... I am primed for my team around me. I am getting my word out there -- I am ready for a great manager and together, we shall sign with a great agency.

It is time to work. To be a star. To make my mark.

And I begin... with quietude. And from that quietude comes honesty. Talking from my heart. Listening to my soul.

I hear my soul. I am ready to work. I am a piece of fruit so ripe I am about to fall off the tree. Perfect peach in the hands of God.

Thus, in the spirit of listening to our souls to create peace, I am leaving you all with a song. Over 20 years ago, many talented singers joined together to raise money and awareness of the massive hunger assaulting Africa. Since this event in America, our country has witnessed many gatherings of singers, coming together to help out others in need.

First, we help ourselves. We listen to our souls. We act accordingly. And then -- we help out others.

I believe that this is the spiritual evolution. We work on ourselves so that we can help others and ultimately the world inside of us and beyond us can become as one.

Because my little blades... we ARE the world. Hehe.

Enjoy this return to the 80's. And get re-inspired. Because amidst all that frightens us about today's world. There is SOOOO much that is chillingly inspiring. Let's become a part of it. Of change. Of transformation. Let us -- our generation -- make this world a better place.

Love... Always.


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  2. Thank you for three perfect songs, E... You've made my day even better!