Sunday, April 25, 2010

Audrey & Love.

“I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.”
- Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey, I feel the exact same way. I always say I must've been held a lot as a kid. And as I grow up and older, I am more and more excited to share my affection. To give love. As I have received so much thus far.

Anyway, I am in the midst of taxes tonight. And so -- this is going to be sweet and short. 

But what I want to leave you all with tonight is this -- love as much as you can while you are here.

This is the point of the whole journey -- I am sure of it. 

And through our art, we can love the most. The deepest. The truest. The most passionately. And by that, I mean what John Lennon said,

"Our love is out art."

As it is Sunday and as I have met with the beginnings of my theater company for our first meeting. I have chatted with my neighbor Zaid in the courtyard. And thrown a ropey toy thing to Gatsby while intermittently taking bites of my dinner and sitting on the castle steps, I have been feeling and thinking -- love, love, love.

When I meditate and scan the words every morning and night, I am thinking love.

I was just reading what Audrey said -- another quotes of hers where she said she never expected much from life and she got so much more than she ever imagined. That things came to her. And my dear friend Jade often says the same thing -- and the thing is, Jade gives so much love. And Audrey did too - you can see it in her work.

And I am reminding myself on a Sunday night when I hear the water flowing in the very pretty fountain outside my window, water is life. And life is love. And what else is there?

So... always with my work and in asking a favour or granting one to a friend or walking Gatsby or meeting with an agent, a casting director, reading my movie and making this dream come true -- love, love, love.

And on this note, think on this, my little blades. That when we are nervous or unsure -- come from a honest place -- a loving place. And from love. And this will take away all doubt and fear.

I am reminding myself as I remind you all out there.

When picking up the phone or sending out an email or even texting or mailing a card (some of us still do!) love is always the intention.

As actors, writers artists, parents -- whatever we may be -- if our intention is love, then we will always win. Even if we can not see it right away -- I know for myself that when I enter a meeting with a feeling of love or when I go on stage or when I audition or when I send a letter or write a page in my book, this is where I start. And getting out of our own egos to love another is the only way to happiness.

I am sure of this.

I am SO thrilled to share this. Me. With another. 


And on this note, my beloved blades...

Love tonight -- yourself first -- kind of like how you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself before the child next to you -- and then go for it.

I guarantee that if you come fro an honest place of love, you will never go wrong. 

Love... Always.


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  2. Thank you SO much E for that lovely clip -- I've never seen that show! And I truly needed your words today -- it's been a rough one. Thank you.

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