Friday, April 23, 2010

Being Your Word.

"I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An elephant's faithful, one hundred percent."
Dr.Seuss, Horton Hatches the Egg

Tonight this blogger is going out for an hour and then back home with her dear friend, Jesika. But what I have been truly truly thinking about lately is how much it means to people when you keep your word with them.

If you say you are going to their party and then, you go. Or if you say you are going to class and then, you go.

And these principles seem so simple -- but alas, it's always the seemingly simple principles that are the hardest to attain and to consistently act on.

And this week has been quite a busy one -- with some meetings and plans to meet for next week. I have gotten right back on track when I felt that I was beginning to slip a bit. And I owe much of this to my beloved teacher, Shalom -- for it was he was reminded me to a. focus on my acting. That I am an actor and I need to express myself beyond writing. b. to ask for help (from more people) -- in other words, to push it. to push myself.

And thus... Here I am!

I am pushing yet again and putting myself out there and fighting to good fight.

And getting some great results.


Ready to be a classic. Ready to do it NOW.

It's funny because Shalom was saying in class the other night that we don't always need to be preparing to prepare -- we need to put ourselves out there and not obsess over things -- but rather do them. There is life in the doing. There is LOVE in the doing.

And so... tonight, I am going to a friend's party because I said I would. (Even though I could sleep now -- hehe.) And I am taking meetings and reaching out and reminding myself that it's not all about being perfect -- or preparing to prepare. Rather, life is about being our word -- most importantly to ourselves. That is we say we are going to do something, we do. Because it means something to us. Because we are the ones whose hearts are at stake.

Because we are the elephants, the Hortons sitting on that tree of dreams and when what we wish for has flown away -- what we think we need and we feel lonely and cold and we wonder, seriously, wonder why we are clinging to this branch -- because we gave our word and we are our word -- and we wanna just jump off the branch, forget our word, and leave it all behind -- suddenly a baby appears -- and the baby might be a metaphor for our dreams -- the fruit of our dreams. And we remember why we are there, what we have created. From love. And our word.

And then... it all makes sense. We have "hatched the egg" so to speak.

We are close, my little blades, soooo close.

Let's hold onto our branches and look towards the skies. Our dreams are nearly landing.

This weekend, I am