Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Your achievement is a gift to the world."
- Mark Roberts.

...And on this particular day, my gift is Gatsby. Feeling the achievement of "raising" a loving and kind dog. Gatsby makes everyone who is lucky enough to chance upon his path in life smile!

And thus, on a sunny, cool day like today when I feel a bit under the weather, I lie down on the couch writing and Gats lies all scrambled up in a cozy furball on his chair, I glance over and I sigh... Happily sigh.

My first doggie. My baby boy. My Gats. To love and to care for another -- sure signs of growing up.

I am eternally grateful for Gatsby. And for what he has taught me each and every day -- that loving another is the golden path to happiness. And I shall take this love I have for my Gats and spread it across the world.

I know I am making room in my heart for my love of my life -- the human kind! Because since adopting Gats over 3 years ago, my heart has expanded. It's like the actual organ is making room. For a husband and then for my children.


These are exciting things to say -- for someone who has been so (pun intended) doggedly independent.

And I feel the rush, the sway, of my career building up into a crescendo just as I feel my heart grow for love. They are in synch, like two syncopated swimmers diving into the ocean of life.

So... today, as my nose is a bit stuffed, my throat a bit dry, my body a bit tired, I celebrate the achievement of Gatsby. Of caring for another. Of loving  him more than I ever knew possible.

Of seeing my future in the present. Now. This is love. And I am growing so that I may love more and more. I love being a woman on days like this. A woman who claims her ground -- who loves to care for another. Who knows that this is happiness. Who laps it up just as Gatsby laps up his water after a long walk around the reservoir.

The lessons he has taught me are greater than any book. And so, I believe I am a better person for his being my dog.

And thus, I dedicate today's blog to Gatsby. For centering me. And loving me, more than I could ever love myself.

Love... Always.

My 5 things:
1. emailed manager referral
2. 4pm tea with head lit agent
3. reading 12 new pages of movie script
4. deciding upon space/ideas for little beast meeting
5. * wild card -- we shall see!
5b. spoke with editor re: SNIFF
5c. will be mailing memoir excerpt to lit agent in AZ

And most importantly, resting... :)


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  2. Absolutely thankful for Ken Burns -- he is my father's favourite! And don't you think the Moomat Ahiko serendipity last night was INSANE?! Amaaaazing!!!

    Thank you beyond words for talking to a certain someone about my memoir. That means the world :)

    I am going to put in a phone call tomorrow about Ron Howard's company and that potential TV show... We shall see what gold I may find.

    Thank you as well for your kind words about my health -- excited to be 100% again. But alas -- my body is also yearning for sleep. And sleep it shall have :)

    Have a lovely night.

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  4. Thanks, E for the kind words about Gats! He is 1/2 border collie and I've alsways said the other 1/2 is Golden Retriever -- but the truth is I don't know -- I've heard Afghan before. Gonna look that up!

    Also -- SO excited for the forthcoming referral to one of my all-time favourite contemporary American writers. I shall send him my excerpt with all the passion the whole wide world can fathom...