Sunday, April 18, 2010

Introducing Eliza.

"We know it matters not what we have been, but this and always this: what we shall be."
- Angelina Grimke Weld

My little blades... I hope this finds you all smiling!!! 

I just had yummy wine at The Avalon on Olympic with my dear friend Jesika. And we met a lovely stranger. He dressed so eloquently, he wore old school spats -- black and white -- like old-fashioned cheerleaders shoes. He wore a pin-striped suit. He wore big, brown-ish framed glasses that looked circa '72,  he had the face of a younger, thinner Jack Nicholson. 

And he sat to eat his chicken breast dinner and sip on his wine across from us -- as we sipped on ours.

It was as if he were there -- placed there -- to confirm all of our dreams, our greatest hopes -- like this stranger in pin-stripes was the reflection we wanted to see of ourselves.

We were glowing after we'd left. After he'd asked us questions about ourselves and our loves, our careers, and when he said that he knew what he saw us doing, where we were heading, what we had to hold onto, we in turn felt that he was right.

Isn't it funny how a complete stranger can look right into our hearts -- as if they were made of glass and see through to the true us? The us we want everyone to see? The real us.

He elevated us. He reminded us of why we are here in this town, of what we love about art -- about our best selves in art, about why we'd dressed up in our finest boots and washed our hair and shared my lip gloss and drove off into the Beverly Hills night for barbera wine and pommes frites.

It felt... I might add -- like a New York evening. Except for the poolside, lovely poolside, the sky so bluely, blackly clear above our heads. And the heat lamps ensuring our comfort.

And I told him about my movie I am making -- of which I have not spoke at all lately. So, I am going to give you all a peak into the MAGIC Bekah is creating for me...

THIS is a ROLE I was BORN to PLAY. And to paraphrase Angelina Grimke Weld from above -- this Eliza  is what I shall be.

Enjoy this little sneak peak, my little blades and may we all hold on -- clutch tightly to our dreams and let no one, no thing deter us from our moment in the sun, from our vision... May we all walk on the shoulders of angels and never, never stop believing...

Love... Always.

(p.s. the photo above is our theater company -- the little bird theater company, which produced the play HAPPY BIRTHDAY/I'M DEAD -- which is becoming the movie I will STAR in!!! This is my character ELIZA in this beautiful bright orangey dress :):):)



Close-up on ELIZA. 

She speaks to us, honestly. 

It’s not that I don’t think I’m 
lucky. I know I am. I love my job, 
sort of. I’m healthy. I do not 
have cervical cancer or krone’s 
disease and some people do. I have 
good hair that ponytails well. I 
like my apartment. I’ve had a 
cocktail. Can you tell? I love my 
cat. My friends are good. I don’t 
have to worry too much about money. 
I know I’m lucky I just - It’s just 
that I’m lonely. You know? It’s the 
one thing. That is all. 

Camera pulls back to reveal a SMALL INDIAN MAN standing 
behind the corner at the bodega. He is nodding. 

You know what I mean? 


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  2. Kieren,

    Tell Bekah that Krone's disease is spelled wrong. It's actually Crohn's.