Monday, April 19, 2010

My Movie is more than half-way done!!!

"You need your own star vehicle, Kieren."
- Natalie Portman (former Broadway co-star) after watching me in an NYC staged reading of Loose Ends.
(this is a photo from the reading!)

Pendleton-Directed Staged Reading Of Weller’s “Loose Ends” Is A Lesson In The Right Way To Do A Reading
By Ernio Hernandez

"Another bright spot in the cast was Kieren van den Blink (Diary Of Anne Frank, Broadway). As Susan’s best friend, Janice, she was practically an unstoppable force."

...And now it is all beginning to come true!!! This morning I sat in a cafe and poured over the script -- of which Bekah has already written 62 pages!!! And it is lovely and special. And what I have always been looking for...

Dreams are coming true... Beginning to come sparklingly true.

We are looking for investors and/or producers for our movie, tentatively titled:  Happy Birthday/I'm Dead. Let me know if any of you reading this have any ideas!!!

We are open to shooting a trailer, meeting with DP's, producers, the whole thing!!!

This is MAGIC.

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