Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Blind Side of Life.

Okay, this is going to be a short one because -- Zoiks! -- I juuust got home from a movie and I juuust remembered that I forgot to blog today. And my promise is to blog every day, but alas... I am going to blog twice on Sunday and call it even. This is honestly going to work on what's hardest for me. The consistency of success. Making it happen every day. Not just when I "feel like it." Or when it's convenient. Success is every day getting out there and doing something that stretches yourself beyond your comfort zone.

So... alas... Here I am. Gatsby needs to go outside for a pee pee. (I need to stay inside for one :) But I shall keep my word and blog quickly!

I drove to The Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, in front of which I passed Michael Jackson's star on the Walk of Fame and saw a girl kneeling down to smile near his name as her friend snapped a photo...


And I ambled up the stairs to the 9:20pm screening where I met my friend Jade for this movie I've been hearing sooo much about -- mainly because I wanted to watch Sandra Bullock. I wanted to see what won her the Golden Globe. I wanted to witness a piece of her magical, record-breaking career. And she was ON FIRE. What an f-in performance! I LOVED the movie. And I know that there are cynical types out there, perhaps some scowling hipsters who are thinking, "That's such a cute movie." But the thing is -- it's a TRUE story. And beautifully written and directed. Understated performances. The lead was fantastic as well -- so difficult to be quiet in a role and still commanding, endearing. And he absolutely was.

And it inspired me. Because this was a story of each person in that house -- including Michael (the African American boy they take in) -- going beyond what made them comfortable -- in an effort to help someone else out. In order to love. And ultimately they all became more extraordinary human beings as a result of pushing themselves. Of pushing each other. Of going beyond what is expected. And loving.

Yep, this was my day. About seeing this movie. And also, I am SO digging reaching out to college professors on facebook, prep school teachers and friends, playwrights, ex-boy friends... Daily I am doing it. Why? I am streeeeetttttccchhhiiinnnggg myself. I am making myself uncomfortable. I am looking out for my own blind side. And I going for it.

Love. Love. Love.

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  1. I love you! Thanks you so much for my little cookie and card, you are truly the sweetest Kieren!!!! I am SO SO SO blessed to have you in my life....and there is NO ONE I could have seen that movie with other then YOU, and you know why!!! hhahhahaha (just a warning to any of the people who see the movie, you may want to bring some tissue hehe)
    Thanks again for another lovely date night with you, already conjuring up our next one :)