Thursday, January 21, 2010

Umami & Nelsan & John Wells...

Hey guys,

Welp, I have some pretty cool updates for today's blog...

First of all, Umami Burger was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! I am a vegetarian and the Umami Burger Vegetarian was stupidly yummy! I ended up chatting with the funny staff.

Quote of the day: Joey, the newest waiter to the staff: "I quit singing when I quit doing sit ups."

Nelsan Ellis, my beloved talented friend and the amaaazing star behind Trueblood's Lafayette, was a no show!!! He'd partied the night before and alas... I trekked out in the rain on my lonesome and thankfully, Adrian the manager, Joey a super funny waiter with whom I invented a POWER BALLADS music list for Umami -- made everything better! It's located at 1520 North Cahuenga Blvd. between Selma and Sunset. In this super cool brick passageway before you hit Urban Outfitters.

Definitely order the sweet potato fries!

And yes... dear Nelsan owes me one -- and I think I'm gettin' his ass to take my ass back to Umami.

Onto juicier career updates:
Paulie Cuschieri emailed me his script Quinn for me to take a look at homeboy is SUPER TALENTED. I LOVE the role of Catherine!!!

And... last night, I went to a WGA Party -- they send me stuff because I play Paula Abdul in this demonstration against Freemantle -- I'll attach the link tomorrow :) You're gonna laugh your arses off! I think :)

And I'd read that John Wells -- creator of "West Wing" and "E.R." was going to be there. And because I am BALLS OUT this year. Because I know this is MY YEAR. I typed up a letter to him -- no headshot, Jade and I decided I did not want to be so presumptuous. And after having IMDB'ed him, I edited it 3 times and got to the party juuuust as he was leaving. (his pic is attached too!)

And like out of a movie... I watched him walk past me, my letter in my capacious bag, and I thought -- "Kieren, if this really is your year, you need to be uncomfortable. Put yourself out there." And I chased him down the street. When I caught up with him across the street -- and yelled, "John!" after him, he kindly said, "Oh my gosh, I didn't mean to make you run after me!" And I said, "Oh no. It's worth it. I am a believer in you and the TV you create with such intelligent, poignant and colorful characters. I've written you a letter because -- I am... inspired."

And he was lovely. And thanked me. And I skipped back to the party! And imbibed in a free glass of wine :)

Risk-taking!!! Exciting...

And Lesly Kahn the career coach sent me a lovely letter -- she wrote, "YOu're bound to break through any day now."

And as the jews would say, "From your mouth, to God's ears."

Yay!!! Have a lovely day all... And take risks.

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