Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Editing Sniff with my Publisher!!!

Honestly guys -- and I hope you are all out there, reading this... :)

I dreamt of saying these words when I was little -- the word "editor" could have turned me on as a teenager!

I feel SO stoked to have an editor -- Richard Gore -- and he is fantastic! It is SO fun to be on the phone together -- putting together punctuation and picking specific words to make the story the best it can be!!!

Perhaps I am revealing myself to be a nerd -- but those who know me intimately know that I absolutely, unabashedly am one :)

So... tahdah!!! I'd like to share with you all what my out of this worldly talented illustrator emailed me today. Pages 2 through 6 colorized. Enjoy!!!

And also -- a note of inspiration to all of you -- I wrote this five book series 8 years ago when I was a kid and I just got the book deal last year. So -- timing is "of the essence," as Shakespeare said. An illusion. Hold on to your dreams and never stop. They will come true exactly when they are meant to... Keep pushing them into the sun. And soon -- they shall catch fire. Zoiks! I hope that was taken as I meant it.

p.s. If you are interested in hearing MF's voicemail to me, make a comment and I will out it up. (And then, out of respect to the great man, take it down.)


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