Friday, January 29, 2010

quote of the day: "If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."
-- Booker T. Washington.

Well, my friends, today was a dream come true for me.

And as I'm down in Del Mar with one of my best friends, Bitsie Tulloch, at her lovely Nana's house and the family awaits me downstairs as they eat ice cream and contemplate Scrabble -- plus intermittently yelling up to me that I am being missed-- all in jest of course :) But I get the point -- I'm wanted downstairs... And thus, I am going to keep this one short & spicy.

1. Persistence is the key. I wrote Morgan Freeman a letter last fall, expressing to him how grateful I was that he saw my monologue and left me an inspired, "I feel like I've been baptized" voicemail. And I didn't hear anything back. Perhaps because I put a headshot in the envelope. Mainly to show him that I too am an actor. But when I hadn't heard back a few months later, I was talking to my friend Alex, a wonderful assistant at CAA, he told me not to include a picture. Just write a letter, he said.

And so, I sat down again a few weeks ago and called Morgans' agent's office and spoke with Leif, his agent's very cool assistant, and let him know to be expecting my letter. And no picture. No need -- because when I thought about it -- all I wanted to do was to say thank you. And that I feel he acts, as Maya Angelou wrote, "with God in his throat." And so I thanked him. And told him I find him to be so special and that I would love to work with him. And today, he asked me to be his friend on facebook. And so, dear Morgan Freeman, if you happen to be reading this -- please know that YOU MADE MY DAY. It was Christmas for me today, on January 29th in Los Angeles, 2010. My own private Christmas. And you my lovely new "friend," you were Santa.

2. Ashton -- my wonderfully supportive and hyper-intelligent friend -- is following me on twitter!!! And I'm already being deluged with twitter followers which is SO HOT. To quote Paris. Hehe. But, seriously -- I am SO digging Twitter. And I truly admire him for his kindness -- he and Demi started an organization called DNA to end child sex slavery-- for his inventiveness -- witness Punk'd or how he has revolutionized Twitter -- and for his work ethic -- he said he was like this in high school, always belonging to over a dozen clubs and feeling like there is always more and more to be done in this world. He has inspired me to create my own success. Write my own script, and bring others along for the ride. So, thank you AK.

3. And finally, I am going to leave you all with one thing. I am calling the director tomorrow and putting myself out there. Let him know I am that kid in high school senior year who is dying to be in the school play and he is the beloved drama teacher. And that this would indeed make my senior year... Ahhhhhh. Nothing to lose. Hopefully he'll answer. Either way, whatever happens -- I am STOKED to take a risk. And to let someone whom I find extraordinary know that and feel my excitement about the oppportunity to work with him. It would make my year.

Love to all of you in cyber-land... Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.... (hehe!) But seriously.. Keep reaching.

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