Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 4 of becoming a movie star life and a best-selling author.

Day 4 -- yes, I missed blogging yesterday -- but I shall NEVER miss again! Promise to myself.

Okay, today I have decided that -- after speaking with my great friend Robbie -- that I am going to wait until after I have received 25 pages of the movie script from the great and talented Bekah, before I bring it to the attention of the 2 people I am most excited to attach to the movie. One perhaps as a director. One perhaps as a producer and/or star.

These two guys roooooock. And they are friends and fans. I am attaching the link below so you can all see the play they saw me in which brought them aboard as fans! My movie is called -- well, the working title is called, "Happy Birthday/I'm Dead."

Check it out.

Now -- I need to jump in the shower and edit my children's book, Sniff! And re-write the first chapter, the opening of my memoir. It's called, "Mighty Forces Are Gathering on Your Behalf."

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