Sunday, January 17, 2010

Improv Class with the great character actor Stephen Tobolowsky!!!

So... today in Burbank, I had my second Improv class with Stephen Tobolowsky.

How does this play into my dream -- making my movie? This is such an extraordinary opportunity to streeeeettttccchhh as an actress! I feel blessed to be in this class -- and most of the people in it are not actors. They're just regular people -- and it's super inspiring... A class that's demanding that I write down what I see and how it affects me -- so, I'll share with you what I heard today on NPR. And honestly, I am in class at the perfect moment because with our screenplay and with my books -- I am not only witnessing life, but I am also chronicling mine -- for the first time. (I've included the photo from our MIX TAPE One Act Festival -- this is the character we are bringing to film later this year! Her name is Eliza.)

So -- this minister who was with Martin Luther King, Jr. when he was assassinated, told the interviewer he remembered that when he heard the shot, he wasn't sure what it was -- but then, he looked out into the crowds and saw everyone ducking... And then, he looked back at Martin and he had a hole in his face. And then, he fixated on his tie -- Martin's tie knot had flipped upside down from the impact of the bullet.

And when asked what he would preach about tomorrow in celebration of his dear friend -- he preaches in Chicago -- he said that Robert Louis Stevenson was a sickly child and that he would spend a lot of time in his room... And he would take his lantern and climb up the ladder towards the the dark night and whenever the lantern would light up the night, he said he was "poking holes in the darkness." And he said that this is what Martin was doing -- "poking holes in the darkness"

And with my memoir and kids books and my movie, this is my intention -- to poke holes in the darkness -- love more, expose new talent -- show the world that now is the time. And that dreams know no age or experience or time -- they live in us and when the moment hits, we MUST poke holes in the darkness...

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