Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hey guys, I just spent like an hour on this juicy, juicy blog for today and it disappeared. I may have pressed a tab or something -- but all the photos and the italics and everything literally disappeared and didn't save... Sniff, sniff. And not the happy Sniff of my children's book. The massively sadly frustrated almost collegiate kid whose paper erased from her computer the night -- late night -- before it's due sniff.

And so, tomorrow morning I shall re-write my evening's blog. As my eyes are weary and my mind needs a rest.

And thus, I leave you all with a Leonard Cohen classic. Enjoy.

Quote of the day:

Brentwood School 15 year-old to his tutor:
"If I'm drifting off while you're talking, I'm just imagining the hotels I'm going to build when I'm older."

p.s. Coming attraction for tomorrow's blog -- I did meet with the producer! I got an email from a HUGE editor and 25 pages of my screenplay arrived via the web tonight!!! Tomorrow morning, we shall delve further and the day will be golden...

p.p.s. Natalie is the one who told me I need my own "Star Vehicle." This one's for you, Nat.

Loooove & Night Night,

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