Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Director Called. Yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay.

Quote of the day: "You still have your MySpace? That's from like the '60's." -- thirteen year-old boy to his tutor in Brentwood.

What a day!!! I am gloooowing... And so, I have three updates to share with you all. Three juicy ones.

1. I purchased a super cool app for my Iphone created by my friend and fellow Barnard Graduate, the very well-respected Heidi Levitt -- one of the best casting directors in the business. She's cast JFK, The Joy Luck Club, and Nixon among others.

It's SUPER COOL. The Actor Genie tells you what is casting in Film and TV in NYC -- who is casting it -- and it gives you all the project's info -- location, studio, producers. It gives you tips from the best in the industry. I found two great leads today (to two movies!) and I immediately contacted my agent and a casting director friend all because of this little $9.99 app!

Perhaps the hugest reason I adore this app is because it puts the power in the hands of the actor. You have access to all the BREAKDOWNS. This app puts you IN THE KNOW. It EMPOWERS you. So -- anyone who has ever asked about breakdowns or about who is working on what and "what have you been going out on?" The answers all lie in this user-friendly, adorable, super-informative phone app.


2. THE DIRECTOR called me back!!!! He is in pre-production on a movie and he called me from NYC tonight!!! I am going to have to save his voicemail to an MP3 because I always, always, always want to remember what it feels like to get that very first golden phone call. Tomorrow, I am calling him back!!! Wish me luck... I am going to be brave (Zoiks! Zoiks! Zoiks!) and tell him that I will fly out to NYC to read for him, I will memorize the script, I will put myself on tape, I will tell him in plain words that... I find him to be extraordinary and I would LOVE to read for him. To come in and read for him. That we've met once and I truly believe we could create something special together -- something fresh and unique. A refreshing new face. A risk. Keeps things exciting! We shall see... :):):)

3. Bekah sent the first 28 pages of the script and it is DAMN GOOD. My friend Matt Richardson and I sat in the dimly-lit Damiano with its eerie B food rating and over a his beer and my chocolate soda, we read it out loud. And we were laughing out loud. She got soooo many details about me just from watching me on stage or from just knowing it for no apparent reason, sensing it -- that I'm like a hummingbird, I love ravioli's, I'd be friendly to a random homelessy man on the subway... I am THRILLED. We are looking to haver the first version of the script by March 1st. I am already setting up meetings with investors!!!

One more thing -- I also called a casting director because a producer friend told me that I could use his name "carte blanche." I got a super cool casting assistant named Katie and she had me email my info over. It felt great -- putting myself out there. Putting ourselves out there.

I may even tell The Director about how in high school, I insisted that I get a role on the school play -- I was kind of a diva (wink, wink Dash!) and I got the part. Chutzpah, my former boss at GMA and dear friend, Joel Siegel would say. Chutzpah.

Life is short and we are young and passionate and we have nothing to lose. p.s. I will say this when I am eighty.

Goodnight my fellow artists and brave souls... tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther... And one fine morning...

p.s. You will be my very first comment -- the first one to break my blogger hymen if you can guess who wrote that quote :)


  1. Nick from "The Great Gatsby"...F. Scott fitzgerald.

  2. you got it, keith! just discovered this :)