Thursday, June 17, 2010

Olivia draws to save their home.

"A dog makes a house a home."
- my dad.

This blog, my little blades, is dedicated to my Gatsby. Because coming home was a rough transition because my time away was so magical.

But alas... my house became a home the moment I walked in the front door with Gatsby after my friend John had picked me up from the airport with him.

Immediately, the messy floors, the little heaps of furballs scattered around the kitchen table chair legs, my unkempt bed, my near empty fridge... All of it was transformed into a home when Gatsby walked in and took a seat on my bed, where he always curls up and sleeps...

And so, tonight's blog is a practice in brevity.

I dedicate tonight's blog to Gatsby, my Great Gatsby, who makes my house a home.

And since falling in love with Gatsby, I see him in every animal I see. And maybe you guys do too -- Gatsby is a horse or a bear or a deer. He is every animal -- because invariably he is. We all are.

And so, on that note -- I am going to include a link here of a facebook page created by a 5th grader from Islip, New York named Olivia whose beautiful bird drawings have thus far raised over $70,000.00 towards organizations who are saving birds from the devastating oil spill in the Gulf.

Please check it out. Become a fan of her page. And purchase one of her drawings to help to save our splendid and soon to be aching wildlife in our beloved Gulf.

She is one little human being who is making a big, big difference.

She said that after having watched what was happening to the coast where she summers with her family every year, she burst into tears and then came up with the idea to draw in a effort to show her love for these beautiful animals and by doing so, to raise money to save their endangered lives.

May we all be so bold. So loving. And so imaginative. As one fifth grader.

Below is the link. Please click on it and become a fan. Let us all give.

Above is one of Olivia's drawings. See? Gatsby, your dog, someone's hamster, another person's cat, or horse, a deer, a hummingbird, they are all of them all of our animals.

May we learn this as one bright, bright 5th grader has.

And then -- let us give.

Love... Always.

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