Sunday, June 13, 2010

You're My Home.

"Musicians want to be the loud voice for so many quiet hearts." Billy Joel 

Good evening my little blades, Billy's words are how I
feel about writing and acting. We too are the loud
voice for so many quiet hearts... Billy said it

And on that note, I am going to let him sing his song
to you.

Having spent 11 days with my friends and family on the
East Coast, I can honestly say that this coast and its
people are my home.

I feel eternally grateful for each and every one of you
with whom I have spent my time.

And I love NJ, NY, PA & DC -- because all of you whom I
have loved so much over this past week and a half, you
are my home.

And that goes as well to all of my little blades who 
are reading about my days and tagging along for the
journey, you too are my home, living in my house.

I am alas grateful to all of you.

And thus tonight, I thank each and every one of you for
coming along on this trip with me down memory lane and
clearly along the way to creating bright new memories.

I am SO happy about this new phase of my life. About
growing up. Being successful as a woman, not merely a
girl. About sharing my books, my movie and my show
this fall.

And mostly, I am happy about my home. My friends and
my family.

My home.

And having come back to my home, which I literally
grew up in, my home in my hometown, I have to say,
it has been truly heart warming to be "back."

To jump on the trampoline at Katie's with her two

To play in the backseat of the car with Baby and 
Robbie's two beautiful girls, Ella and Juliette.

To walk to D & D with Jill and her son.

To drink a martini with Niambi and Shabaka -- in my
hometown!!! (This was like a dream when I was little.)

To drive to East Hampton to Alec in a play and to
share a yummy dinner and drinks with some friends and
him afterwards. Inspiring.

To drive around the Delaware River with my Dad and
treat him to an early Father's Day lunch.

To get a chance to laugh with Mark, my high school
love, at reunions.

To meet Jeb's lovely family at Reunions.

To see Mary Jeanne again -- and before I knew it -- 
find myself scratching her arm.

To scratch my daddy's doggie Molly's ears.

To go for a bike tour in my hometown, sooo green...

To take a wine tour and spot my elementary school
friend Ericka's lovely artwork.

To be congratulated by my former prep school headmaster
Mr. Tom DeGray on my recent/upcoming success.

To go for a one hour walk with Baby this morning. Muggy
and hot, beloved weather...

And all of these things because all of you...

You're My Home.

Love... Always.


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  2. beautiful e... she always always sang me lullabyes... thank you.