Monday, June 21, 2010


"If you really want to help the American theater, don't be an actress, dahling. Be an audience." Tallulah Bankhead 

And today I was, Tallulah, and it was riveting. If you little blades happen to be in Los Angeles, you MUST go see YELLOW (ever so ironically highlighted in red) at The Coast Playhouse at 8325 Santa Monica Boulevard.

My super talented and beautiful cousin Jason Dottley produced it and his husband, Del Shores wrote and directed it.

It is utterly poignant, hilarious, complex, and original.

My dear friend Matthew Scott Montgomery stars in it and he is full of charm, he doesn't even know where to put it all.

I believe that it is running for at least another month.

And if you have ever had any doubts about Los Angeles theatre, go and see this show! It will move you.

I went with my friend Caroline White and we left glowing...

I had to hold in my tears at points because I was afraid I would actually guffaw and bother my fellow movie-goers.

And sometimes I was laughing hysterically -- and a lot of the time with both theater and TV -- and actually throw in movies, I find myself staring blank-faced at the screen, forgetting that I am "supposed to laugh."

The truth is, all of the actors are perfectly cast, committed to their roles, they work so effortlessly and happily together, the set design is outstanding and the direction by Del Shores has clearly given the actors a lot of room to grow and move and express themselves, let go!


What a ride. I am thrilled that I saw this show. I needed to see something great.

And alas, I did.

Now, it is time to be great. Here is to shining up my movie. To my TV show this fall, and to stirring theater with Little Beast.

I hope all of you little blades inhabiting Los Angeles will go out together and see this show. It will inspire you.

And for those of you beyond Los Angeles, find a great show in your town, and take yourself, take a friend, or your wife, your brother -- whomever it may be. But -- go, The summer (almost!) is the ideal time to be reminded of how beautiful theater is. And how great theater sinks into our skin and we breathe differently after having lived in other people's lives for two hours.

I am shining still.

May you all take yourselves to the theater this week -- or next -- and remind yourselves of why you got into this business in the first place. Because, I honestly believe, that when theater is great -- there is nothing better.

Love... Always.

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