Friday, June 18, 2010

The Psychic & The Venture Capitalists.

"Meeting Franklin Roosevelt was like opening your first bottle of champagne; knowing him was like drinking it."
Winston Churchill 

I feel as if I've just opened two bottles of champagne. Well, my little blades, this is the story of the psychic and the venture capitalists.

Today was the first day that I admittedly returned emails, thought business thoughts and felt like a woman who'd landed in Los Angeles.

And thus, since signing with WME for VO, I am almost daily trotting off to Beverly Hills for my auditions. And today I thought, I am going to treat myself to a salad at La Scala. And so, I did. I parked in BH's beloved Free Two Hour Parking. And I asked a cleverly dressed older gentleman where Canon was and before I knew it, I was sitting down to a caesar salad and an iced tea. With a basket of yummy freshly baked bread.

Next to me were two older gentlemen, also nicely dressed -- and looking as if they were "money men," not "industry men." It's funny how you can sniff the difference.

I pulled out an Entertainment Weekly that I'd lifted from WME and began my quiet lunch.

When I opened the magazine to a page featuring Mariah Carey twenty years ago, the older man sitting beside me asked if the picture of the girl in the magazine was me. I'm still not sure if he was kidding or if he really believed it or if he was just trying to strike up conversation.

But alas, I heard myself saying, I will be in magazines soon. But not as a pop star.

Which led to more questions from him -- and from his friend. Turns out his name was Charlie.

They are venture capitalists at a company called Trafalgar Holdings in Beverly Hills. And they were fascinating. Charlie used to fly B51 Bombers for fun -- they both have pilot licenses. And the other one bought a series of planes.

They told me about the WASP -- which was American women fighter pilots, a little known band of patriotic, brave American women who literally flew into the center of battle during World War II.

They asked about me. What did I do. And I told them -- of my book deal and my forthcoming TV show. I told of my theater company -- LITTLE BEAST.

They said, It is wonderful to see a young person who is an entrepreneur. 

I felt so enlivened. Because I have always admired entrepreneurs and one of my best friends, Robbie Naddelman is a very successful entrepreneur, and I have read up SO much on them. And yet -- all this time, I never thought of myself as one.

And I am.

The truth is, I have created all of my success thus far. All of my meetings, my opportunities, the plays, the newspaper column, the kids books, the truth is -- all of it has come from my imagination. My path has not been exactly conventional. Though it has been inspired.  Original. And hopefully the more success I accrue, my story with its uniqueness will inspire many.

So... here I am at La Scala on Canon with my soggy caesar salad -- I had to order a new one, it was blech! And two older gentlemen met me and found me to be an entrepreneur.

And so I am.


It is fascinating how sometimes total strangers can read what our closest can or do not. Meaning ourselves.

Sometimes I feel as if I am sitting at a beautiful table full of colorful, rich, delicious foods and I am just not sure which to eat first, which to combine, which to wait for, which to look over, which to return to and devour. Like I wanted to when I first lay my eyes upon it.

But -- when I turn my eyes towards -- when I look inside of me, and listen to my inner voice, when I hear these men calling me an entrepreneur, I think -- well, that is what we do. Risk takers. People who blaze their own trails. We think and act instinctively. We listen to our guts. We fall down and pick ourselves up heroically. And this goes for every artist. For every human being who is living a dream, about to live a dream, working towards living a dream.

These men saw it. And I spoke it. And it is real. I am what I say I am. 

I think, therefore I am.

And speaking of thinking something and it immediately being real, last night I went to a benefit event for SFK -- Spiritual For Kids. And my friend Lucy Walsh and I stood in line to talk to the psychic. And I was a little nervous -- because I have never done this sort of thing. But, I thought -- I am going to listen. And I feel great, so whatever she says, I will listen and accept what I know to be true. I know where I am, where I am heading -- as do you all who have been wilding along the path this year with me -- and so, the truth will be seen.

I entered the tent. I sat down and she told me to tell her two wishes out loud and to keep one to myself.

And so I did.

I told her -- I want to be known as one of the greatest actresses and writers of my generation.

And I want to meet the love of my life and be with him forever and have a family with him.

And then, I kept one to myself.

She had a bright smile and a roundish body as she sat there, candles flickering, sitting across from me.

She told me what I knew. What I knew to be true.

My eyes watered. I hugged her before I left. She gace me her email and number.

Her insights came easily to her and she expressed them as easily as they came.

She told me, in so many words:

1. You are going to be very successful and it is going to keep getting better and better. You are going to look back at even now and not believe where you are going to be at the end of this year. You will wonder why you ever spent a moment worrying. So many doors are opening for me.

2. You are going to meet this great man that you speak of -- he does exist and he is as great as you believe he will be. And anyone who tells you differently is just jealous. He is that great, she said.

3. You will be entering a whole new phase -- all new beginnings. She said there were people who were taking advantage of me. They saw my potential. I will have new friends.

4. She said the pain I had in the past is in the past. It will not be in the future.

5. She said I will be reconnecting with family members and special people with whom I had disconnected.

She said, keep smiling that big smile.

And between the venture capitalists and the psychic, I felt completely... Hmmm. Completely what? Reinforced. Understood. Like I had a once invisible team out there -- two older money men who'd flown fast planes and one young psychic who knew things that were inexplicable.


A different kind than my trip back east. Very.

But -- now is the time that I open the bottles of champagne and toast to new things. To growing up. To being a woman. A successful, prosperous, family woman who is about to be a star.

And so... on this note, I wish for all of my blades the same. That you too are recognized for your dreams of greatness, for who you are going to be and for who you are exactly today -- which are very much one and the same. In other words, if time and space are illusions, then we already are what we will be.

And if you can dream it, you can be it.

So, my little blades, be great, great things.

Our generation needs a Winston Churchill. An FDR. A dreamer whose dreams will transform the world. At least a part of it.

Let us all be bold. Be brave. Be unique. Blaze a trail for those alongside us and for those to come.

I know that I have been opening some bottles of champagne for the last two years almost -- and now, it is time to drink.

Let us imbibe together.

And on that celebratory note, I send you all, all blades near and far... Love... Always.

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