Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Glass Ceiling Has Been Broken.

“It always helps to have a genius for a director ... She (Bigelow) obviously took the work and knocked it out of the park.”
-- Mark Boal on Kathryn Bigelow.

Here's to Kathryn Bigelow for being the first woman to win The Academy Award for Best Director.
"She said to be an artist, you had to practice every day, and for reminding her daughters that there’s no race, no religion, no class system, no color, nothing, no sexual orientation that makes us better than anyone else. We are all deserving of love. So, to that trailblazer, who allowed me to have that. And this. And this."
-- Sandra Bullock thanking her mother at as she accepts her Best Actress Academy Award.
Bullock’s winning performance helped make “The Blind Side” the first film with a sole female lead ever to surpass $200 million in US and Canada ticket sales.
I dedicate tonight's blog to two amaaazing trailblazers!!! I am SO INSPIRED to be standing up at The Academy Awards next year!!! This is my time -- our time.


Dreams are coming glowingly true.

Loooooove to all... And thank you to Kathryn and to Sandra for breaking glass ceilings for the rest of us.

Can't wait to break one myself. Very, very soon.

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  1. Mary Harron and Antonia Bird have more talent in their little fingers (nails) than Bigelow has... every/any where (Harron, co-wrote the screenplay as well).

    Hurt Locker was gawdawful (in any year, against any movie).