Monday, March 29, 2010

Tonight's Prayer.

"As you think, so shall you become."
-Bruce Lee

Tonight's entry, my little blades, is a simple prayer. That the Universe may hear what I think -- hear my prayer. Hear that I am ready for love. Hear that I am ready to be a movie star. Hear that I am ready to be a best-selling author. Hear that I am ready to be a millionaire.

Tonight's blog is a prayer. That the people in Russia may know we are all praying for them and for their loved ones.

That we may all be safe and sound. That all of our collective prayers may be heard and tended to. And that we may sleep like babes in swaddling clothes.

Tonight... I pray that my thoughts become reality. A sparkling new reality for the new year. Pesach.

Tonight I pray that my trip to NYC brings bright bright prosperity and that I land a great role from my meetings.

Tonight I pray that Los Angeles turns around and brings me all of my dreams. Wrapped in dollar bills, many, many, many dollar bills. That I may share share share them with all of my loved ones. With you. All.

Tonight I pray that Gatsby's stomach may clear up and that I find the perfect food for him.

I pray for peace, love, and the perfect lover, best friend and love of my life.

I pray for all of my lists and all of my fans, for all of my efforts to sink into the atmosphere and bring me back that skyscraper that Jenny Miller, my former next door neighbor was talking about at jury duty.

I pray for my skyscraper of movies and HBO and my books and my new house and my new life.

I pray for my prayers to stretch across the universe and hug up the world for just a moment of peace, that the whole world may sigh...

Tonight I pray that I may become my thoughts. For in my thoughts I am already all of these golden things. Breaking records. Changing opinions. Making history. My time in the sun. My magazine cover. My -- giving back. Holding the babies around the world, loving up the world with my art. Reaching out of my lovely apartment and into my fire-placed home on the east side.

Tonight I pray that I shall become my golden thoughts.

I pray the same for all of you, my little, lovely blades.

This is your lullabye too.. We all have our dreams tucked into our hearts, nestled amongst our fears. And whatever your dream may be, wish for it as you read tonight's blog, and may your every wish come true. Know that I am behind you too. Wishing for every little dream inside of you all to come blazingly true.

Love.. Always.


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  2. Oh my gosh, Elliott... I have started to watch The Man Who Planted Trees and it is SO lovely. What a gift.

    And now I neeeed to rent "Somewhere In Time" because it is so beautiful and mysterious.

    Thank you for inspiring ME.