Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Moon River is my lullabye to all of you little blades.

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it."
-- Helen Keller.

 Hello my little blades. I hope this finds you all smiling and happy. I am sorry I have been away -- I was shooting TYRANNY in San Francisco -- magical.

And so, tomorrow I am going to be blog.comming all day long! I have 2 to catch up on and I am SO excited to tell you all about my exciting weekend -- shooting and scampering around the most beautiful city on the West Coast. Sorry Lala, but SF takes the Best Looking Prize in this Senior Superlative.

Also... I am dedicating tonight's quote to my cousin Rene who lost her beautiful dog -- less than 3 years old today. Big, white and regal Oscar died of an infection. Sudden and tragic.

And then, the mother of a boy I've tutored -- I learned tonight that her father fell last week and is in a coma at Cedars Sinai,

Finally, I heard that a mom whose daughter died sooo tragically -- she was hit by two different cars on Sunset Boulevard while crossing the street, is having a difficult time just surviving.

My dear friend's sister has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

And please know all of you -- that I SO don't mean to be Debbie Downer -- wah, wah! But rather -- to point out as the ever eloquent Helen Keller once stated -- there is so much suffering in the world and so much overcoming of it.

I kissed my Gatsby tonight even more than possible.
I wrote my Dad and Stepmom a thank you card for making my birthday so special.
I smiled my way all the way through an eye doctor appt this morning.Zoiks!

And all because I am alive and young and healthy.

And here.

We all are.

We are the lucky ones.

So -- tonight, let's say a prayer, send a good vibe, think fondly on all of our friends who are suffering. That they may overcome it.

I think of this in my work -- with my memoir and my movie -- bring the God in me out into the universe. That my light may shine bright, bright, brighter than ever thought possible.

Yes, I am sad about the role that I wanted SO badly where they went another way, frustrated about the cartoon check that hasn't yet come, yearning for a book deal faster than I can type, ready for LOVE...

But I am pressing on. And overcoming it. Because this is what I am meant to bring into the world -- by being a STAR I will inspire others to be STARS.

And... so, I leave you all with one of my favourite stars singing a lovely lullabye.

Love to you all. Gratitude. And love... always.

5 things:
1. spoke with huge editor Judy Clain at Little, Brown this morning. got a great editor referral from her publishing house for my memoir!!! And perfect advice in lit agent-seeking.
2. Made lunch appt.tomorrow with top lawyer -- Glen Rothstein at Blank/Rome who is excited to help me make connections in my career.
3. emailed more illustrations to my editor, Richard Gore at LaChance Publishing. prepping for our deadline.
4. Emailed NYC casting director and dear friend Kim Miscia that I will be in NYC next week for 5 days -- in case she has a role for me!
5.Posted Tyranny Episode 3 on Facebook and Twitter.


Please click on the link above -- you will smile soooo widely if you do. 


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