Friday, March 5, 2010

Our words, No coincidences, and Scare Myself.

"I will create as I speak."
what Abracadabra  means in in Aramaic. 

Hello my little blades... I have a GREAT audition tomorrow at noon -- and a 10am coaching session for it -- because of my RAD casting director meeting today!!!

So... send me prayers for it :):):) And I shall send them all back your ways!

1. Our words. I learned in class last night that Abracadabra means "I will create as I speak." And I find these words to be genius. We are indeed always creating as we speak. And so -- we must always be conscious of how we speak of ourselves and our dreams and our loves of our life -- because we either create a heaven or a hell on earth with our words. They are absolutely our most powerful means of communication.  And of creating our lives. I remember saying what college I wanted to attend. Or what guy I wanted to date. Or that I really, really wanted a job. There's sometimes a fear that if we say it, then we risk it not happening. But the truth I have found is that I would always rather risk it and work my arse off than to cower from fear.

Certainty about where we are heading -- begins with our words. I remember having a healing session last year around this time -- and the amazing Jessica said to me, "Be careful of how you speak of yourself. Not to put yourself down or belittle yourself." She told me to speak of myself and my dreams glowingly.

And today, in the meeting, I did. And this is the first time I have walked out of a general meeting with a great audition -- maybe since I was living in NYC.

Words. They are how we express to the great wide world who we are and why we are here.

2. No coincidences. I SO have experienced in my life that there are absolutely no coincidences. Only as I've said before, the "divinity of timing."

And yesterday, I was in Coffee Bean editing my memoir, and I mentioned my friend Ty Buckelew's name out loud -- because he lived in this same town a guy from Coffee Bean lived in in New Jersey. And I hadn't heard from Ty in like 6 or more months. I come home and check my email and voila! Ty has sent out an email about a new job overseas.

And this kind of synchronicity happens ALL THE TIME. And I honestly believe it's only a matter of our honoring this MAGIC. Being aware of it. And this is one great thing I am noticing with myself more lately. I am more aware than I have been... Reading signs on the street and getting way few tickets than back in the day -- I think I got one ticket in all of last year.

And also, when we pray for someone or settle our minds and let our thoughts roam towards someone, suddenly we hear from them.


So, this audition tomorrow -- it's the network I love most. A super cool and smart NYC casting director. Great, juicy, fun lines. And I am READY.

I juuuust wrote in an email to a friend two days ago what I want to do with my career -- and I mentioned this network. Tomorrow, I read for a role that could begin a whole new dream...

3. Scare myself. Every day, I've decided to do something that scares myself. I don't mean like running down an alley with a scary homeless man at my heels and me asking him to tea. (Totally random mind flow there!) But -- I mean like today, I emailed my manuscript to an agent and an editor -- after perfecting it as best I could. And it scared me. But the thing is, I drove around today with extra spring in my step. And when I played pink pong little Harrison whom I tutor -- he's actually close to 6 ft tall, but he's only 14 -- and thus, he is little. We played ping pong at his house when we were done tutoring -- and even ping pong was better! My whole walk is shifted -- because two human beings are out there, reading my work -- work that I have been working towards since college!

And so knowing this, knowing that I finally had the courage and the discipline -- and also that the timing was "divine" -- it just makes the world more colorful, it spins more gracefully... It's like taking a risk makes you feel more alive.

And who doesn't want that?

And so, my little blades... I send you all love. And I am SO stoked for tomorrow!!!

I shall be thinking of you all and all of the love you give me just by reading my words and the fact that they inspire you at all -- this means the world to me. And when I walk into that casting office, I will be walking with all of you right behind me.

Loooove... always.


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  2. Thank you for your words of wisdom... I SO appreciate them, Elliott. The meek shall inherit the earth -- true true. And this soul -- thank you for calling me a gentle soul. No, I have worked too hard to nurture it and tend to it to lose it to any outward influence.

    And the homeless example -- funny, I felt a little weird writing it last night. I just think because I went to school,near so many and there are a bunch in my neighborhood, that when I was writing and let my mind rest, this is where it went.

    Thank you for your wishes and I promise to heavens to always care first for my beloved soul... And for the souls around me.

    Have a lovely day!

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  5. Yay!!! I got great feedback -- cross all fingers and toes that I am back in front of them next week!!!

    I'll hit it even further out of the park next time :):):)

    Super exciting... Super inspiring!

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  7. With that kind of golden talk, I shall, I shall... :):):) Thank you.

    It is time for my red carpet walk... And I am thrilled. Utterly thrilled.

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