Monday, March 1, 2010

Memoir In The Midst.

"We are unusual and tragic and alive."
Dave Eggers

Hello my little blades... I am working away on completing my memoir and my Bread Loaf application comes out of that so that I will have both to publishers tomorrow afternoon by 3pm.

Zoiks! Zoiks! Zoiks!

So... I shall leave you all tonight with LOVE. And the promise that tomorrow I shall be done with my goal, my dream since Barnard and I shall have my memoir -- 50 pages of excerpts turned in!!!

Yay!!! And like Dave Eggers's book -- this is based on a true story. I am giving myself poetic justice here for a chapter set up like a play, and a poem, and a chapter of a novel I wrote about my mom, and how I imagined her in my life...

Still thinking of an opening line/sequence. We shall see...

Love is the answer... My little blades... Love to you all.

5 things Sunday:

1. Memoir
2. Blog
3. Class/ Chat with screenwriter Bekah
4. Putting new pics on LA Casting
5. following up with potential director of my movie

1. Memoir -- communicate with agent and editor.
2. Blog
3. -- Actually, tomorrow afternoon is ALL memoir!!!

Sleep with the angels...


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