Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Winner.

"You know what you are? A winner. Because you take criticism so well."
- Professor Edward Tayler
Columbia University Shakespeare Professor to me, a college undergraduate after class one day.

Tonight's blog is dedicated to my beloved Professor Edward Tayler -- who taught me to stretch myself -- to work hard, to DREAM BIG. To be tenacious. To learn to love literature -- especially Shakespeare.

Reading this made me looooong for Columbia.

Love to all of you little blades and to your beloved college professors, to all of our golden memories, to the days gone by and the shimmering days ahead...

Let us stretch ourselves, take criticism well -- that we may groooow and rise above our current states. Be stars -- the brightest stars in the darkest blackest coolest evening sky.

Tomorrow is a step closer to the unhatching of our dreams.

Let's crack it open together.

Even if admittedly we don't know where it's coming from or how even or when -- we know with utter certainty that we are on the verge of MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH. Our success is unstoppable. It is a sweet inevitability. It is on its way, heading towards, about to burst forth. All we need to do is prepare ourselves as best as we can for its much anticipated arrival.

Which means learning and listening and always always always taking a lesson out of everything. Always taking criticism so well.

p.s. Professor Edward Tayler said this to me because I'd memorized the whole speech in one of the plays -- Titus Andronicus? For him. For me. To show him what I could do. This was a great departure from high school me.

This was revelatory. And as an actor and a writer, what he said to me that day at school -- it has stayed with me ever since -- lodged in my heart.

And I continue to grooooow. By taking criticism as well as I can -- without taking it personally. And life is immeasurably better when we get out of our way/our egos and do not take things personally. Rather when we allow criticism to strengthen our spirits and our resolve.

Good stuff.

Welp, my friends, I am flying off to NYC tomorrow for 6 days. So - I send you all...

Love... Always.


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