Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today I am the phoenix.

"Today, I dust myself off, I pull myself up, and I look towards the sky for the light to shine down upon me. Once again."
-- me.

Today is a day where I find myself a little confused. There was a moment of perfection -- where I saw all these magical elements colliding in a brilliant mix of past and present and future -- of friends and fans musical collaborators and agent and manager and broadway and spirituality and l.a. theater and righting a wrong and the perfect role for me -- perfection. This moment was captured in a role in a movie that I was SO highly recommended for.

And then, they said no. They went another way with it -- they went younger. And so... today I am the phoenix.

I know I was put on this world to inspire and to entertain and to share my written word with my best-selling books and to perform across movie theaters and stages across the world.

I am meant for GREAT THINGS.

So, I am today The Phoenix. Knowing in my heart -- deep within the fleshes recesses of my heart that there is something even greater and brighter and larger that awaits my presence beyond this seemingly dark door. There is another role that ONLY I can fulfill.

There is the golden opportunity where I AM PERFECT. And I will grab it and run with it and shine SOOOOOO brightly that people will turn off their lights for fear of overexposure. People will find themselves leaving their homes in search of this beaming light. Babies will smile and dogs will bark and lovers will entwine.

I sound my barbaric yawp.

I know -- I am meant for GREAT THINGS.

Today, I am the phoenix.

I may swoop low in my heart at moments throughout the day, but I soar higher than most will ever see in my mind.

For I am meant for great things.

This dark door will open up to a party of light and I will walk through.

With all of you behind me, beside me, around me, I shall run through.

Book that role that was meant for me from the day I was borm.


Love... always.


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  5. Never stop! Each step carries you closer.

  6. Thank you so much, my anonymous one! Your kind words mean the world to me.