Friday, May 21, 2010

Abe's Certainty.

"Some day I shall be president."
- Abraham Lincoln.

I leave you all with this dream of Lincoln's to show us all that every successful human being began with a dream. And the courage to voice it.

What are your dreams, my little blades?

One of mine is to enact a national litter law. So that in every county and every state littering is illegal and fined and the money goes towards cleaning up our environment.

Tonight is short and the next blog is a song in my head allll day.

Tomorrow I mail a letter to Spielberg and to Jerry Weintraub.

I read my movie.

I prepare to shoot Tyranny on Saturday.

And... I reach out to at least 1 friend in the industry to ask him/her for a referral -- manager/agent.

The time has come for a GREAT TEAM behind me.

I now have a great VO agent, a new commercial agent, a lawyer and next up -- manager and together, we choose an agent.

Great stuff.

On my way!!!

Today I told a banker that we do what we love and the money comes. And alas -- it is.

And so, I send you all off with thoughts of your dreams... What will you be "someday?"

What we imagine, we can create.

Love... Always.


  1. annnnd... "Besides that, Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?"

    Gawd, sometimes I can be such a jerk. Or, rather: sometimes, I'm not a jerk.


  2. Very great dreams and very great decision,good luck my friend Kieren and best regards.

  3. Thank you for your kind words, Aws! I shall make them all happen :) I wish all your dreams for you too!