Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Athlete & The Artist.

"I am building a fire, and every day I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match."
- Mia Hamm

Tonight, my little blades, I am off to sleeeep. My internet wasn't working last night :( And thus, no blog... But I am indeed back on track!

And I am going to blog twice tomorrow!!! Good stuff coming out tomorrow.

For now... I shall leave you all with this -- train like an athlete would in your lives. Wake up early and exercise. Drink lots of water. And fruit and healthy cereals, oatmeal, vegetables. Stretch. Meditate. And get down an dirty -- plow through your to do list. Take to your dreams like an athlete does.

Set goals and work until you sweat reaching them. I have found in life that it is SO much easier to keep a promise than to break it.

I have found that when I work with joy and bursting passion that I become a star.

I have found that when I post my dreams all around my apartment, I ahve already begun to live them.

I have found that daily exercise keeps me healthy.

I have found that making lists and plowing through them satisfies me beyond comprehension.

I have found that doing things that make me uncomfortable is good for me -- like conversations I have been nervous about, making that phone call, writing that letter, asking about that check -- helps me to grow.

I have found that giving is what brings us money. The more we give, invariably the more we get.

I have found that loving Gatsby makes me a more loving human being.

I have found that this is my time. I am lighting the match as I write. And boy -- have I prepared for this moment in my life.

I am freeeeee...

And just like Mia, I build a fire of my passion to be a movie star, a best-selling author and a millionaire, I train every day -- blogging, writing letters, making phone calls, mailing the letters, asking for help, reading scripts, shooting Tyranny, I add fuel -- by stepping up my game -- putting myself out there -- really putting myself out there -- letting the universe know what I am ready for with deadlines and making meetings happen! and I seize the right moment. And NOW is the moment.

525,600 minutes.



And I am rambling on with my want to do lists -- today, signed with a new commercial agent -- Lisa Reider at Arete Talent in Silverlake!!! And I had like 5 Voice Over auditions at William Morris Endeavor, I shot Tyranny this morning, and I talked to Ashton about Tyranny and he gave me a great idea!!!

And thus... A juicy, loving, and living my dream day. I am sooooo  there.

And if you are reading this blog, then invariably you are too. For I am a mere reflection of you. All.

So -- from Mia to Me to You.

Love... Always.

p.s. Go out there my little blades and Go Get Your Dreams!!!

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