Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Talent manager & The Gardener.

"Love everyone and most of them will love you back."

Tonight, my little blades, I am a sleeeepy blogger. And so -- I am leaving you all with the greatest truth I know. And it is this saying that I overheard when I crashed a funeral with my cousin Lila a few years ago out here near Riverside. Wait -- let is be said, that it was the funeral of Lila's dear friend's mom and since I was staying with Lila, she took me with her. We're not some sort of sick funeral hopping cousin groupees... :)

It was the son of the deceased Latina woman who was the minister presiding over the funeral. And he said that their mother always told them 5 things throughout her whole life, 5 lessons of how to live a good life. And this was a big, juicy Latin family and she was a loving, loving woman from what I could garner from the children.

And he said that of all of the things she would say to them this is the one that stuck:

Love everyone and most of them will love you back.

Now I have been to a few funerals in my life and perhaps I remember this one because this was no one I knew and so, I could focus on what was being said as opposed to grieving. But also -- I found, and still find, these words to be so beautiful. And clear.

And true.

I have lived this. I believe I have and still do.

I do my best to love everyone and most people have loved me back.

Love is reflexive. Animals feel it as do babies and the elderly and pretty much everyone in between -- though they mystify me sometimes more than the young and the old.

And I mention this today because I met with a talent manager this morning. A nice woman who works in New York. And she came so highly recommended. And has great clients. And I was thinking later about our meeting -- and I thought to myself, the truth is -- we are all people. And yes -- I am absolutely ready for a manager. And I deserve the absolute best. And so I loved her a I love myself; I was honest and open hearted and confident. I was full of stories and big big dreams. In other words, I was me.

And -- I will work with the absolute best if I love one as I love all. People love us back when we are ourselves with each and every one of them.

Gatsby and I picked walked through the LACMA today and as I walked, I found myself picking up garbage. I smiled at the gardener as we walked past him and I put the stack of trash in his garbage can. He looked at me, smiling, and a bit surprised, pleasantly so. 

Then, the parking guard and his friends all laughed as they pet Gatsby and asked me about him.

My point?

I loved them as I loved the talent manager. Now, I don't mean to sound like I was sitting in a circle with all of them singing  kumbaya.

Rather, a love for one is a love for all. And I am convinced this is the answer. If we show that love -- not the fear of not being loved but rather the love we have for ourselves to all who come onto our path, then we are doing our job on this earth.

We shall see what happens with the talent manager. We shall see what happens with the gardens at LACMA. 

But -- one thing I know for sure -- is that if we do our best on this earth while we are privileged enough
to be here, 

then -- we will love. And love. And love.

And in my life, what I have found to be true is -- Most of Them Will Love You Back.

And speaking of which my little blades, I send you all love tonight and love to all of your dreams. May they all come true as you tend to them night over day over night.

Love... Always.

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