Saturday, May 1, 2010

Jerry Weintraub & Elvis.

"And I had a dream one night, and I wrote down, Jerry Weintraub presents Elvis Presley at Madison Square Garden."

Today I was driving my car, my little blades, and I pulled over because on NPR, specifically Airtalk,
there was an interview between Larry Mantle and Jerry Weintraub. And Jerry was so inspiring that I
pulled over in my car to listen to him.

And he spoke of growing up in Brooklyn and of watching hid father be a great businessman. And one morning when he was about 24, he had a dream -- which is above, that he would introduce Elvis
Presley to Madison Square Garden. His wife said he was crazy -- but he called Elvis' manager that same day and told him his dream.

Elvis' manager said no, but was a bit taken by this young guy with big big dreams. And every day after that for 364 days, Jerry called Elvis' manager. And he would tell young Jerry, you're wasting your moneyLong distance is expensive. It's not going to happen.

Then, on the 365th day, Elvis' manager called Jerry. And he said MSG was not going to happen, but
that if Jerry could raise a million dollars and meet them in Vegas, Elvis would sing.

Jerry went to all of the business people in NYC who'd said they believed in him and would support him when the day came. But no one did. All closed doors.

Then, he got a call from a lawyer in Seattle who was a huge Elvis fan. And he said he'd meet with Jerry to discuss this idea. He'd heard about Jerry from a lawyer in NYC. Jerry said -- no, I need the money
now, I'm meeting with Elvis in Vegas in 3 hours. The man said, what will I get out of it? Jerry said, half
of the concert profits -- we'll split the money Elvis makes. The man said, this is crazy, how do I know I can trust you? Jerry said because you can. And guess what? The man wired him the money and he flew
to Vegas and Elvis did the shows and this was just the beginning for Jerry and another brilliant
beginning for Elvis...

The moral of the story, my little blades? GO FOR YOUR DREAMS. Don't give up. Jerry called every single day for 364 days. And on the 365th day, Elvis' manager called him.

And you know what I did today? I called Jerry's office -- because I was sooo moved by his story. And
an assistant gave me Jerry's email and I emailed him!!!

We shall see... :):):)

But whatever happens, I was inspired and I did something about it. I too have a dream. And just like
Jerry, I picked up the phone. And what was seemingly crazy -- calling such an esteemed producer 
because I want to work with him -- just may become a reality for me too.

So... Thank you, Jerry. Thank you Elvis. And thank you, my little blades. For dreaming big. And making that phone call -- whatever that phone call may be for you -- every single day.

Because just maybe -- on the 365th day, someone amaaazzing will call you. Back.

Love... Always.

p.s. I signed with William Morris Endeavor Voice Over today!!!

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