Thursday, May 27, 2010

Close Encounters with Courage.

"Acting to me is about courage."
- Steven Speilberg.

I simply can't get enough of Spielberg at the moment. He is inspiring me to action -- and all of you who know me well -- and those of you who have come to know me well because of my blog! -- know that I am absolutely one for action.

But -- now, I am even on a higher level. Because of where I see myself. There's a great line in Thelma & Louise that my best friend and I have been saying since we were little. And it's said by Louise to Thelma:

"You get what you settle for."

Well, my little blades, this is one human being who is only up for the best. The truth is... I feel so new. So transformed. So here. So -- this is my time and I shall not deny myself my wildest and most ambitious dreams.

I shall create each one of them. And take them from deep within my heart and share them with all of you. You, world.

And thus, I give you the gift of Steven Spielberg's Final minutes of his Actor's Studio interview with James Lipton, which I touched on last night. And I bring this to you all -- and whenever I bring it to you, I am invariably bringing it to me as well -- because he is the perfect combination of ambition and humility. What he has created and how he sees himself -- it is the utterly perfect combination of what makes him extraordinary.

May we all learn from the best, from the masters. And tonight as we all sleep, let us dream our wildest dreams and tomorrow morning when we awake, let's live as if tomorrow were our first day in this town, dreaming this dream, wishing for these childhood thoughts and visions and prayers to come true. Actually -- let's not wish for them, rather let's create them. Balls out. Metaphorical balls out for my lady blades!

And let us always remember to be humble every step of the way. One thing I do to remind myself to be humble? I always bring a little food in my car -- in case I pass a homeless person who may be hungry. Then, I have something for him or her.

And so... 5 things today:
emailed my acting links to:
commercial agent
VO agent
HUGE NYC casting director
my lawyer-to-be
arranged for meeting with director about my movie!

What were your 5 things, my little blades?

Let us all call and email and mail and create tomorrow. I know I feel it in my bones, in my molecules, this is my time to be a STAR, NO time to waste. And always remember, I am always reminding myself that I am the greatest. actor and writer. God gave me a gift -- as he has given all of us a gift -- and I will not settle for less than I deserve. I don't argue with Louise!

A miracle is coming true tomorrow. What I ask for is BIG OPPORTUNITY.  That I may get in front of the BEST in the industry and show them what I've got. And then, I shall begin to work. And never, ever look back... :):):)

Love to all my blades near and far. I believe in you all. Dream your wildest dreams tonight. And then, as Spielberg said, have the courage to begin to make your dream come smashingly true.

Love... Always.


  1. I am SO sheepish, I totally misspelled his name! Zoiks! Zoiks! Zoiks!


    So sorry.

    With all due respect.

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  3. Aw, E is back! So happy to hear from you!

    I agree with you about the endangered species state of our masters, which is precisely why I am working so hard to be a recognized master.

    That I may bring back old fashioned excellence. Both in my writing and in my acting.

    Big hug :)

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