Thursday, May 13, 2010

The First Step.

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." -Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Sometimes I have to remind myself, my little blades, that these greats whom we sooo admire existed and fought for peace in a time when they were not in the majority, when many people feared and thus hated them for what they believed in and stood for and refused to stand for.

We cherish and adore these heroes because they had the courage to fight when the people needed a hero, someone to show them the way. Someone unafraid of dying for what they believed in. Someone who fought tirelessly and never ever gave up the fight for a life of comfort or out of fear or because what they believed in was unpopular, even dangerous.

And I mention this tonight, because sometimes our dreams may not be popular, people may not agree with us, may not choose to go down the path of life with us, we may find ourselves lonely and afraid and soooo close to giving in or giving up and even when we are clenching our dreams in our fists and the bright bright future feels as close as the hot sun on a summer day, tickling our skins, making it red, crawling up our backs and reddening our ears, this is precisely when we must remember all of the people behind us who need our light, need us to show them the way, to inspire them, to fight for what we believe in.

Our dreams are ultimately lighting the way for others.

I am actually excited for tomorrow. For a day to write two letters to directors I want to work with. To make phone calls to investors, actors I am excited to share my movie with. 

I am excited to connect with people -- to place my dreams in the sun and watch them grow, and grow and beautify the surroundings.

For I know that I was put on this earth for greatness.

I know I am indeed one of the greatest writers and actors of my generation.

And the right people will understand me. And I will be seen.

Then, from my dream -- from my "poking holes in the darkness," as Robert Louis Stevenson put it, I shall illuminate the sky, brighten the darkest stars and soar into the annals of history.

For I have come here to bring greatness to this earth. To make history. To inspire. To break records. To affect, to move people -- to love as many people up as possible with my stories -- both written and acted.

I've known this since I was little. What have you known?

I remember this from when I was like 6 and I was hiding on the side of my house and I was chewing gum and I stuck peanuts in my mouth and my gum became a crunchy peanutty gummy messy. But I knew then. I remember thinking -- I am up for something in this life.

And you know what, my little blades, I shall take you all along with me. Hang on, my friends -- for this is going to be one history-making, glass ceiling breaking ride. 

And all any of us has to do, is what the beloved Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. told us to do over 40 years ago...

Take the first step.

Climb up with me. Let me take you there. I promise -- there is a beautiful, vast and seemingly endless staircase ahead of us. And the view from the top is so breathtaking you may need to stop and look around before you realize that you are now living your dream. At last.

Love... Always.


  1. #6. And speaking of those who've gone before us --> check your calendar today.

    Before leaving, He lighted Heaven's stairway for us all to ascend...

  2. E, Welcome back!!! I adore this song. I SO remember it from when I was little... ::):):)

    Sending you a big hug and an even bigger thank you for sending this song my way and the way of all my little blades.

    You are a love.