Saturday, May 15, 2010

Gatsby and The Dream.

"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.  For me they are the role model for being alive." 
~Gilda Radner

Today was crazy productive. I LOVED today. I still have more to do tomorrow -- but my to do list is sooo complete and I feel amaaazingly alive and inspired.

I has Gatsby by my side nearly the entire day -- and we played in the courtyard -- or rather, he sucked the sprinkler heads as I talked to a friend on my cellphone or chatted with a neighbor.

And so... tonight I am now home from a club -- yes, believe it or not, this blogger went to a club tonight. La Vida in Hollywood. And I am happily home again and so, I am dedicating my blog tonight to our beloved pets.

As my Dad would say, "A Dog makes a house a home."

And with Gatsby, I have the coziest, loveliest, homiest of homes...

I am SO excited for our house and our yard and our family, Gats.

He is his Mama's best friend. And though I love the feeling of completing my to do lists and checking things off my lists -- getting things done. But -- at the same time, how lonely this would all be without Gatsby by my side. Loving me through it all.

And so... let's all remember to love our animals and to appreciate them -- for the journey through life, through our dreams, through this wilding city would be a lonely one without our beloved dogs by our side.

And on this note, Gatsby is at my foot and we are both sleeeepy and are ready for beeeeed. Hehe.

And thus, I am off. To sleep beside my baby boy, my Gats, my Nones. 

They truly are reminders to us all of what is truly important in life. Dog food. Just kidding! But really -- I love how Gats reminds me to get out of my chair and pull away from my computer and play. Run, laugh, play hide and go seek, throw a ball, talk to my neighbors, suck the marrow out of life.

And so tonight... thank you, Gatsby. For being my best friend.

For reminding me to play.

And so, my little blades, I send you all love and all a reminder to love your doggies. Or whatever pets you may have.

Because they are evolved beings who understand what life is really all about. Love. Companionship. Play. Sometimes hump. Eat. Sleep. 

And on that note, I am off not to hump, but to sleep, my little blades.

I send you all love and all reminders not only to appreciate your doggies, but also to live as if your dreams were already here. I guarantee it will put the juiciest and roundest and most glowing smile on yoru faces.

And then -- you just watch your dreams all come true. I pray for this for all of you tonight. That your dreams may all come smashingly true. Tonight dream your biggest, most beautiful dreams and tomorrow, unleash them into the world. Let them fly. Release them so that they will all come back to you, picking you up and loving you all the way home... Just like Gatsby.

Love... Always.

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