Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beyond Anything You Can Imagine.

"What God intended for you goes far beyond anything you can imagine."
-Oprah Winfrey

I am home from a night of two parties and Gatsby is asleep on his bed and I am about to be asleep on mine.

I promise to do a juicy blog tomorrow -- this weekend has been full and I have reminded myself of some very important things -- namely that everything I want is out there for me. Ripe for the picking. And this is true for all of us -- we are where we need to be -- exactly where we need to be -- to have an extraordinary life.

And so, when I left these two parties and I drove home alone in my car -- craving my man and our house -- I reminded myself in the car, he is here. I just now need to go out and find him.

I am already a millionaire and a best-selling author and a movie star. These realities are inside of me and now I am beginning to show the whole wide world as well.

As my friend Santiago said, If you are dreaming it, it is already happening or else you wouldn't be able to dream it. The dream is inside of you because you are meant to bring it to life.

I am ready. For LOVE. And for all of the voluptuous success -- I can feel it, it's like a sneeze coming on and it feels sooo good to be on the brink. 

But now. I am jumping off.

May we all have the courage to realize what Oprah -- inarguably the most successful woman of the past 100 years -- said. That what God has created for us goes beyond our wildest dreams.

It's like that line I love from Chariots of Fire. The Scottish runner says, "God made me fast. And when I run, I feel his pleasure."

When we are our best -- at our deepest dreams -- when we prepare and work tenaciously and love generously and never give up and then, that moment arrives when we get to show our work and we shine sooo brightly that we light up the entire room -- this is when we feel God's pleasure.

Tonight, my little blades, let's all remember that what God intended for us goes beyond anything we can imagine.

And then, let's imagine our wildest, deepest, brightest, most extraordinary dreams...ALL coming true.

Love... Always.  

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