Monday, May 24, 2010

Falling in Love...

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
- Dr. Seuss.

Good night my little blades... And here is my bedtime story for you. There once was a young woman who wrote a children's book, in honor of her parents really -- as they always read so lovingly to her when she was a little girl. She had memories of wonderful books -- A Snowy Day, As Susie Sleeps, Goodnight Moon, Curious George... And so she set out to create her own classic books for children. And 8 years later, she got a book contract for 5 books!!! She'd created a 5 book series of children's books, based on the senses. And her dear friend's father who is a dentist, his dental hygienist's cousin turns out was a publisher! And so, the dentist emailed the young woman. And as it turns out, her first book in the series, Sniff,  will be published on February 2nd of 2011!!!

So... here are 6 drawings from her book. I know that some of you may seen them before -- but alas, hopefully they will make you all smile again! They feature 4 best friends living in New York City: Horace, Maya, Ricky and Li.

And the opening line of the book goes:

This is Maya. 

Today she reigns as queen.

She skips around her kingdom with a sniffer that's supreme.

... And so, I leave you with the beginning of her children's book. And as she begins to fall in love -- deeper and deeper with her dreams, which are beginning to come true -- like flowers blossoming before her very eyes...

She is now ready to meet the man of her dreams.

And thus, this bedtime story is one of love. Falling in love. 

As one wise friend said to her recently, Go to New York. This is where she found her man. And so, the young woman is going in a few weeks and we shall see if she finds her muse. This young woman -- she is a believer in magic, in dreams, in following your heart which leads to happiness...

So... tonight, she sleeps with the angels, and with visions of her dream of publishing her children's books coming true, she dreams of falling in love. Just like Dr. Seuss -- who has something else pretty big in common with her. Hehe.

Illustrations courtesy of her sickly talented illustrator, Isabelle Decenciere! Straight out of Peru.

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